Friday, June 15, 2007

Wheat Harvest

I harvested the wheat this morning.
It had turned, it was ripe.
I have a small stand.

I do a wheat harvest ritual. I sing a little made up song and cut the wheat.
My cut wheat went into my father's wheel barrow; one piece for my my hair.
I gathered sheaves of cut wheat and walk about my yard.

I did a sheave for the window ledge on the porch.
It is one of my office windows.
I can see the wheat while I work.
I filled the crystal vases with cut wheat.
Someday I will learn how to do wheat weaving.

The Kansas wheat harvest has begun.
I follow it.

I am a city girl who loves the wheat.


Mary said...

All of these photos are great but I love the first one with the dark behind the wheat. When enlarged, it details are so striking!

I'd like to take one of the chocolates right now.

Chrissie said...

Do you make your bread, Q? I love stoneground but have never ground my own flour. It is pretty in the vases. So how does your little song go :-)

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I took the wheat growing photos early this morning. The bushes behind the wheat almost looked black. I started growing wheat a couple of years ago. My Dad grew up on a farm in Kansas and talked about the wheat fields. I have also grown a small stand of corn in the past. One of these days I will meet some wheat weavers and learn how to do that. I grow an old variety of wheat, Turkey Red. It is what my great-grandparents grew.
I sowed oats this spring but so far I have yet to see much. I may have to read up on how to grow oats. I think it is too warm now to try again.
Please have two chocolates!
When our son comes over he likes one in his mouth and one in his pocket!
I always have chocolates.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I used to bake all of our bread!
Wednesday was baking day at my house for years. Now I buy our bread! I still bake my husband's morning muffins. We don't eat too much bread anymore.
I never have ground my own flour either. I grow the wheat mostly for decoration! I like the idea of it. I feel connected, in a small way, to the fields and my grandparents. I also would love to learn to wheat weave. I have books but I think I would do better if I took a class or found a group of wheat weavers. I did some research and the closest group to me is three hours away. That would be okay to get started but if I had a question it would be a bit far to drive.
I hum a ditty. I just make it up! It is about the wheat and the way it nurishes and the "wheat fairies"!