Friday, June 01, 2007

Garden Blooms

The tomatoes are blooming.

It will be four to five weeks,
if all goes well,
before I will pick our first ripe tomato.

The native, Missouri, columbine is in bloom.
Not a showy columbine.
One can only find it in the woods.
The highway department sprays the road ways.
The wild columbine and the bittersweet are almost gone.
The lambs ear is in bloom.
It is a herb.
I don't harvest it.
I let it grow so I can pat its soft petals.

The poppies are still in bloom.
Baby bunny eats the petals when they fall.
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Anonymous said...

How adorable.
You take such great photos.

Q said...

Dear Becky,
Baby bunny is very helpful!

Sheila said...

I was visited by a baby bunny yesterday. Having no telephoto lens I was unable to capture it. When I 'oh so quietly' opened the door, she fled..
I have lamb's ears in abundance..I didn't know it was a herb.
It is very prolific once established, and even pops up in my lawn.

Unknown said...

Not sure I've ever seen such a cute picture as the baby bunny eating the poppy leaf. Utterly adorable. I really enjoy your blog . . . you have a real presence.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
The telephoto lens has made it possible for me to take photos I never could get in the past. I do miss many great shots too!
My daughter reminds me sometimes it is enough to have "Seen" my grat photo!
I am still waiting for the Indigo Bunting to return....
I was outside without the camera!

The lambs ear can spread!
I used to use it in dried wreaths and it is an olde time wound dressing.
It is growing in my front pond area, not direct sunlight and really a bit too wet for it to take off and run wild.

Q said...

Hi Liza Lee Miller,
Glad you came by.
Life on my "corner" is always changing.
I like that!