Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finding Food

The Tiger Swallowtail has been flying about.
Around the house I have seen him fly.
Over the house and back again.
One brief land on the cone flowers and off he went.
I am watching the cone flowers.

Mr. Cardinal brought a treat for his mate.
I have been watching him in my neighbor's yard.
He is a butterfly catcher.

The Robins stay close to the feeding station.
The worms seem to be plentiful there.

No rain today.
Maybe tomorrow.
It is hot and humid.


Mary said...


The rain we had (8 inches in two days) ran down the street. We are still dry if you can believe that!

I'll get my rain stick out for you and hope for the best. It's hot, dear. Too hot. I don't go out much.

That cardinal was doing his job, ey?

Naturegirl said...

Oh Oh naughty little cardinal!! Caught in the act! I found myself watching the birds busy in the garden today..found an empty robins egg..well ~not exactly empty~ so I felt the need to bury it.Your coneflower has blossomed and well you saw mine in todays post. I'll think of you as I harvest lavender again tomorrow! Wish I could send you a ~fresh bundle~ but I don't think customs would allow it. Happy birding..NG

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Too much rain at once and your soils are sooo dry! No wonder you are still dry all the rain could do is run!
We need a cool down too. I think we actually are okay on rain for the year but I like rainy, cloudy days!
I am so tickled at these two Cardinals. They are really "Love Birds". Lots of seed giving and the butterfly gift was very sweet of him. Butterfly was not too pleased! I think a moth would have been just as "special" to her! as it is I like the Tawny Butterflies!
Glad it was a neighbor's butterfly instead of the Tawny I took photos of earlier.

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I think he was trying to impress Mrs. Cardinal with his butterfly prowess! I watched the male Cardinal "hunt" on my neighbor's tree. It was rather comical seeing a Cardinal going up and down the trunk as if he was a woodpecker!
It is always sad when the eggs have been damaged. I too bury if they have "remains". Your cones are just about ready to pop!
I do like the cone flowers. I have three stands in the yard in different spots just in case I lose one stand I still have backup!
Thank you, dear friend for thinking of me during your Lavender harvest. I am letting mine go to seed so that next year I will have my hedge. It was badly nipped in April. I have cut some for tea and for my hair and my pillow. Last year I had a huge harvest so I still have some for my needs.
My Bee Balm is open and I hope to have a nice harvest this year. Last year it did not do very well.
It is the way of nature.
Hugs and sweet lavenders,

Deb said...

It is hot and very humid here as well Q ~ the birds are keeping in the shade & we haven't seen too much of them. Jim has been changing the water in the bird baths often as it gets so hot...so far only the hornets have been stopping by for a drink :-}

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I never mind some heat but the humidity is too uncomfortable!
I too change the water in the bird baths and the drinking bowls.
Lots of wasps and bees here too.
Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are stunning~ I am enjoying reading your blog :)

Q said...

Dear Susie,
Thank you! I am looking forward to reading your journal as well. I enjoy doing the photo essay very much.
Glad you are enjoying them too.