Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I fixed a jar of camomile sun tea.
It is garden tea.

I began the harvest.
There is more than I will use.
I still have at least twice as much to cut.

I let many plants go to seed for next year.
I cut bouquets for the house.
Some I will dry for winter teas.

As I walked back to the deck a Monarch came in.
The Painted Daisies are still in bloom.

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Mary said...

You are so bright and cheery! [After 8am :o)] I'm looking for the Monarchs! It won't be long.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I am a morning person who does not speak, nor do I like to be spoken to! I like to sit with my coffee and my birds for awhile and get my bearings again.
Once I am dressed I am good to go! I can talk a blue streak and listen.
The Monarchs should be about. It has been so hot and dry in your area they may have gone to wetter grounds for awhile.
Stay cool.