Friday, August 03, 2007


I was sitting at my desk
when I heard thunder.

I went outside.
The air is heavy.

Like the Eastern Tailed-blue
I crossed my tails.
I wish and I hope for rain again.

I have left the vining Milkweed.
For some it is a weed.
For the Monarchs it is a host plant.
I watched as this Monarch laid her eggs.
She perched for a minute on a spent poppy stem.

I sat on the deck for a few minutes.
The clouds are building.
My friend, the female Hummingbird, came right up to me.
She perched in the Kumquat tree.

I will go back outside.
I will watch for rain.


Sheila said...

I anxiously look up into the sky for rain clouds. While the wind has picked up this evening, and it is somewhat cooler, no rain is expected. I know what you mean about that smell. I fear when it does rain, the ground is so parched it will run right off, and the plants won't benefit from it. Let's hope when it comes it is a deluge..!!

Tumblewords: said...

It's been dry and hot here for too long. I want to love it because I'm a Leo, but when the smoke from forest fires turns the sun and moon red, well...Lovely photos, always.

Mary said...

I'm with you, Sherry. I'm hand watering all evening. 95 today but my outdoor thermometer read 100 at 4pm. And dry as a bone.

Q said...

Dear Shelia,
Your gardens are on my rain wish list. Mary and Sue too are in need.
I think Naturegirl needs rain..
We all need those soft gentle showers that stay all day and give the drinks the trees so desperatly need. Tonight's storms went all around me! I could see it raining just not at my house. My husband drove home in the rain and he said he drove out of it about a block from our house.
Maybe tomorrow.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
I read about your forest fires! Hope you are safe. One of my friends is a forest firefighter. she normally works the forests in Colorado. Scary work!
I do so hope you have rain soon.
I am coming to Portland in a couple of weeks and on to Washington and into Vancour Island.
I hope to see green!
I was gone most of the day so I did not take very many photos. I was pleased I was here to see the Monarch laying eggs.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I water and water and water some more. I planted all sorts of things in July and now I have to keep them watered. I refill all 15 bird baths too.
We are only in the low 90's. 100's is just stupid hot!
"I'm dreaming of a wet September.
Just like the one's I used to know."
Autumm showers and apples and sweaters.....
Sherry, who becomes delirious in the heat

Sprite said...



Okay, quick question...

Are you crossing your tails as in fingers (hoping for rain)? Or are you crossing your tails 'cause you have to pee? I'm thinking it's both. Mwahahahahahah.

These photos are remarkable! The sky so blue, the color of the flower and the Eastern Tailed-Blue, the richness of the Monarch and especially your little hummer girlfriend.

Sending rain to all
who need it --------> now please.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
You are so funny!!
So many of us are needing rain.
Thank you for enjoying the photos. I hope you do not get tired of birds, butterflies and blooms. I never do!
I am very aware Winter will come and the butterflies will be gone.
I want to spend as much time outside with them as I am able.