Saturday, August 11, 2007

In the shade

I have to stay in the shade today.
I have to drink lots of water.

I am in and out, refilling bird baths and checking the butterflies.
All seems fine.
It is me that is too hot.

It is me that has to go back inside to cool down.

The heat wave continues.
Forecast is for triple digits into next week.

I fixed a bowl of popcorn.
I can watch the birds and the butterflies from the office window.


A-Jacque Davis said...

super pics, what camera do u use? jacque

Q said...

Hi Mama & Pappa Davis,
I use a Nikon D-50!
I have three lens and they range from 18-500x.
I hope soon to get a macro lens.
That would be so much fun!
Glad you enjoyed these shots.