Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is it good

for the Butterflies?

I ask before I buy.
I check to make sure the plants will produce nectar.
Some hybrids are sterile.

I know my zinnia seed is viable.
I save my seed every year.
Seed to seed to seed.....

It is good for the butterflies.
It is good for me.


The French Nest said...

Hi Q,

I received your parcel this morning, and I love, love, love everything! Thank you so much, you are a wonderful friend!

The photographs of the butterflies are stunning!


Q said...

Dear Kate,
Oh joy! You will take good care of the linens and the little treasures! They just wanted to live with you now. You are very welcome.
I have gone Native!
The butterflies just delight me so much. They are beautiful. My joy is being able to take their pictures.
You are a good friend too.

Gill said...

You must be Super Gardener! Here via Kate today.
You know my mum too, Sheila!
You have a beautiful blog, love your photographs.


Mélanie said...

Love these pictures of butterfly !!!
You have a good eye.
mélanie xxx

Q said...

Dear Blue,
I sow seeds! Lots of seeds.. Zinnias are easy and the butterflies love them as do the Hummingbirds.
I do know your Mum! I have been following her journals for the past year. She is a grand story teller. I love her vacation photos too.
Kate is Deb's daughter. When she started her blog I began following her. She likes the vintage and the French things! She is talented too. Her altered books are very cool.
Looking forward to getting to know you as well.

Q said...

Hello Melanie,
Thank you. Teaching the camera to see what I see is a learning process!
The Black Swallowtail is very beautiful. I seem to take lots of photos of the Swallowtails, they are so big they photograph well. There are six different types of Swallowtails that are in my area. Plus male and females of each variety. In July all six came into the gardens. I am working on having the host plants they like for their lava and plenty of nectar plants for them!
Hopefully I will have butterflies for many years. Providing habitat is what I am all about now.

PAT said...

Catching up here, Sherry. As I type, it's 96, in our town, according to Weatherbug. Don't know the heat index!

Beautiful photos, Sherry. When I read about the tumbleweeds, "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" was running through my mind in Tex Ritter's voice!


Q said...

Hi Pat,
Oh, I know it is hot! Weather bug has me at 95 and the heat index is 106!!! No rain either.. It is dry.
The southwest wind is blowing again today all the trees look wilted.
I have Tex Ritter's rendition..
A good 'ol cowboy..
So fun.
Stay cool and wet.