Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Sunflower Moon

The New Sunflower Moon is tonight, 19th hour, 3rd minute EDT, to be precise.
My sunflower garden is growing tall. I expect blooms in a couple of weeks.
The bird planted sunflowers have been blooming all summer.

People talk about what they do.
I take pictures.
I do birds and butterflies, flora and fauna.
I am outside as much as possible.
I walk. I look at the sky.
I am a moon gazer.

I talk about light and depth of field.
I talk about birds and butterflies.
I talk about clouds, the moon and the stars.
I talk about the weather.

It is so very hot I cannot be outside very long.
I know it is the middle of August, in the Mid-west.
I know every August is hot and humid.
I want to talk about something else.
I want to talk about tomatoes and vacation.
Yet it is the heat I keep referring to.
It is the heat that I am seem to be doing.


Mary said...


We are alike.

Moongazers, dreamers, lovers of beauty.

Today I was outside for 30 minutes and didn't sweat. Oh, no. I didn't feel well. I went back inside and hydrated myself. At 7pm, I was outside again to tend to the birds and the pond. I sweated! I was glad.

It's the heat. I'm dealing with the heat right now.

Sorry I'm late reading blogs.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Kindred spirits you and I! We both are connected to the earth and her critters.
We care.
It is hot and I do not do the heat very well. I am always drinking water. My favorite beverage. I do lime water or lemon. So tasty!!
Never worry about reading posts. Corner is a relaxing spot. Come and hydrate with me!
I am so looking forward to visiting the Northwest. Our daughter says it is in the 60's and cloudy!!
I will miss you while I am on Holiday,

Mary said...

60's and cloudy??? You stinker :o)

I'll miss you too.