Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Asian Influence

My house is decorated for January
using the Asian influence.

Although Chinese New Year
is not until February 7 th this year,
I have already hung our dragon.

My husband and I were both born in the Year of the Dragon.
This coming year is known as the Year of the Rat.

We enjoy the simplicity of the decor.

The cold morning rains kept me inside.
The morning haiku kept me inspired.


Naturegirl said...

How cool is that dragon!!hugs NG
look at that I'm the 1st one here!!

Q said...

Dear Anna,
I was late posting today! I did go outside a couple of times...I just cannot stand not being with the birds for at least a few minutes each day.
My house is full of all sorts of fun and beautiful Asian things. I love all the tea pots and dishes too. We had rice and veggies tonight and spring rolls with dipping sauces.
I never mind one tiny bit putting December's lovelies away because I know the Chinese lanters and all the dragons will be coming out.
I read my Haiku every moring too which is very fun.
Glad you are healing and hopefully resting some.

Mary said...


I like your decorations! Very nice and cheery during one of the dullest months of the year.

meggie said...

We have such different seasons!
Even though they have the same names,
They are nothing alike.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your dragon. It is quite cheery.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
All the Asian things are so lovely!
I also have many different Penguin things that come out now. I do love Penguins.
In January my husband and I will go shopping at the Asian Market. We will eat different foods now too. The paper dragon is fun. Ever since I began decorating and studying the different cultures I find I look forward to January. The music is beautiful too.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Learning about the Southern Hemisphere from you is so interesting and fun.
I have read about the Blue Penguins also known as the Fairy Penguins. I would love to see them someday.
One of these days....

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The letdown of "after Christmas"
prompted me to do January "up" a few years ago. That year Chinese New Year was in January and I thought it would be fun to do an entirely different sort of decorating. My husband liked the idea too. Now January is so much fun. We have rice lanterns in our stairwell in January that give a gentle glow at night replacing the little twinkling lights of December. I have aquired so many lovely things over the years that January is one of my favorite months to decorate for. I do say thay every month! LOL!!
Each year I do a little bit more and I find I learn the different cultures as I go. There is a big difference between Japanese culture and Chinese culture.
Both are very interesting.

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

I do love the dragon, it is so colorful and full of life!

I adore the photo of the branches and their reflection in the glass, it is such a pretty photo. It looks like a haiku, with all the lovely layers of meaning.

Thank you.

Much love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
The Dragon is very fun! I have rice lanterns hanging too! A pair of black fans with gold dragons are on the mantle. My "wood" for the month is bamboo.
The Dogwood branches with rain drops in the "fuzzy" background were supposed to look Haiku-ish!!
Thank you for thinking so too. I do not have a cherry tree or I would have choosen cherry branches.
All for fun and for us to learn a bit about a different culture.