Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The frost was heavy on the windowpane.
The temperature was five degrees
when I went to feed the birds.

A cold blue sky and a breeze from the north
kept me from lingering outdoors.

The moon so pale I could barely see her.

Standing at the back door watching the birds is not enough.
I want to be outside with them.
I just do not like being cold!

I can wrap up in blankets,
take a hot cup of tea to the deck.
I can spend a few minutes with the birds.


Chrissie said...

I felt the need to be in the garden today too :-) I wore the thickest coat in the house, one outgrown by one of my sons and so well padded I could hardly move in it :-) I raked the leaves, to try to keep the slugs to a minimum this year, and found bulbs appearing through the earth! Spring won't be long. I would like a little bit of snow first :-) Stay warm, Sherry :-)

Mary said...

Oh, the Blue Jay looks so cold but so pretty!

We are in the 20's Sherry but the wind chill puts us in the teens. Brrrrr. Weird weather.

I don't want to spend too much time outdoors, either but I'm worried about my birds today. The feeders might have blown off the hangers.

meggie said...

With birds like that to share your time, who wouldn't love to be around them!

Wonderful frost pic!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
So happy you have a few more days of hoilday before you go back to work.
I just have to be outside, at least for a little while, every day. I seem to crave the fresh air and the birds! I am in the middle of putting all the December things away. Time to clean and re-organize and once again get rid of stuff I really do not need or use.
I have way too many winter hats, gloves and scarves.
January is a fine month for doing these inside things.
How nice to see bulbs emerging! Would be way too early at my house.
I have great plans on getting the gardens cleaned up but will wait until March. We left the leaves this past Autumn. Just never got to them. Keeping the slugs at bay is a challange in your moist enviromentt. Spring will be along before we know it. I hope mine does not come too soon.
I bet you were warm in your oversized coat. I have a wool hunter's vest that is way too big but so nice for lens and filters and is warm.
We will enjoy January! I do Asian influence for decorating and I am looking forward to getting those lovely things out.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
So sorry you had to go back to work! It will be a short work week so maybe you will be able to relax some come this weekend. Always to much to do and so little time when you work outside of your home.
My husband said he heard your temperatures had dropped. Hope no damage. I saw on the news someone had shot holes in a water tower near you! Foolish person. Water is scarce in your area.
The winds here did blow a feeder off the north side of my house. It broke! My husband thinks he can fix it. I hope so or I will need to go to Wild Bird for a replacement. The birds need lots of feeders.
Blue Jay was very beautiful this morning in the cold north wind.
Stay warm.
The birds will be okay until you get home.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Thank you. The frost is always so pretty on the windows. Lots and lots of birds when it is so bitterly cold. I often wonder how they manage. I know feathers are warm but I think the birds look as if they are cold. I do set water out for them. They have snow but some warm drinking water seems to be appriciated. I do enjoy the birds!
Our forecast is for a warm up come this weekend. I saw Sunday was to be 63 degrees. If so I will be outside! I best get my December decoarations put away so I feel "free" to spend the day with the birds.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Sherry. You are a hardier soul that I am. It is just too cold to be outside for much time today. I do love the crispy days, especially with the sun shining.

For Love Of Home said...

I just had to send you blog to my sister-in-law. She and my brother do some bird watching and she also cares for lots of birds that have either been left too young or are injured. I am sure she will be inspired by your photos. They are so breathtaking.

Deb said...

It was bitterly cold here today as well -19. No birds to be seen. Even Benny didn't want to go for a walk :-}

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I do have to be outside! I found these wonderful 100% silk long underwear a few years ago and bought a few sets. They are so warm and light under my clothes. I find I wear them every day in the winter.
As the day progressed it began to warm up some and by 3pm it was 18 degrees. With the sun, and me tucked under the south soffit away from the wind, I was comfortable. I did have my blankets and my hot tea.
I am putting the December things away and I need to take breaks. No better place for me than outside with the birds. I do not have any outside work just yet so when I do go out I relax and enjoy the coming and the goings.
The birds make my life so much fun.

Q said...

Dear Cindy,
How nice of you to stop by and to share Corner with your sister-in-law.
I think her work is wonderful. Caring for the injured animals shows she is a loving person. I think Cooper gets most of the injured aninals around here. I have not seen any injured birds at any rate. I did have a Downy Woodpecker fly into the window a few weeks ago. I stayed with him until he was able to fly again. Woodpeckers are rather stout birds.
Hope you have a very prosperous New Year.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Brr....your -19 Celsius would be about -2.2 Fahrenheit! That is really cold....I do not blame Benny for not wanting to go walking. My 5 degrees Fahrenheit would be -15 Celsius. Cold is cold at some point! I do miss my daily walk. We are suppose to warm up some so maybe I will be able to go walking tomorrow.
When it is very cold I seem to have more birds. I bet your birds are sheltered someplace waiting for a warm up.
Stay warm and cozy.

Saucy said...

The new year birdies have come-a-visiting, have they? Stay warm while you welcome them to your yard!

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
Oh yes! I would be so lost without the winter birds. I keep looking out too just in case a new species finds my little backyard restaurant.
I have reading about other food I can put out like oats, corn and sardines. I want to expand the menue.
Stay warm and ever so cozy,

Anonymous said...

Your frost almost looks like a map! Brr, it has been cold and last night I saw temps in the low teens! Coldest of the year so far! But they are talking it warming up some!

Marvin said...

It is, indeed, difficult to get enthused about lingering outdoors when the temperature is only 5ยบ.

Naturegirl said...

Loved the image of the blue jays feathers all puffed out...beautifull image!
Jack Frost surely was at work on your ~winter pane!~ hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
I only have one window that gets the pretty frost patterns the rest are "thermal". I love seeing the ice crystals just do not like feeling them!
Once January gets here I know winter will be slowly leaving us and the promise of spring returns.
I am keeping lists this coming year too. Not just of the birds and butterflies but also of all the "wild" critters that come into my yard. You so inspired me!

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
Once the sun came out and I had my blankets and hot tea I was able to stay out for a full 15 minutes!
In and out I went for most of the morning. I did have chores to do so I finished up putting the December things away. If I can I would like to continue the "get rid of" at my house. I have too much stuff!
Warm up is coming and I bet by Sunday I will be outside enjoying the fresh air. My husband and I enjoy watching snow melt.

Q said...

Dear Anna,
We have four Blue Jays that come into the gardens. I think they are pretty birds. When it is so very cold I enjoy the flash of blue they provide. Hope you are healing just fine and enjoying your winter landscape from inside all safe and cozy.

smilnsigh said...

I couldn't be that cold, either. You are a trooper, for bundling up and going out. :-)


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
It was cold but the sunshine helped and I wasn't uncomfortable.
When I did get cold I just came inside and warmed back up. No wind is nice too on bitterly cold mornings.
Today it warmed up to 56 degrees!
I was outside and barefooted. Crazy weather.

Jeanne said...

How beautiful and lovely are your birds and verses and all that you share.
Beautiful photographs!

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you! The birds and butterflies are my passion. It is an honor for me to be able to take their photos. I love being outside with them regardless of weather.
So happy to meet you.