Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The sunrise was spelendid.

The sunset was superb.

The midday wind so very cold.

Another winter storm is blowing in.


Marvin said...

Fill the feeders and batten down the hatches.

PAT said...

Hello Sherry! These sunrise shots are so pretty.

The January 9th sunrise was gorgeous at the lake. Even the January 8th, morning after the storms, was pretty, with the mist rising from the water. Of course, any sunrise in the beautiful Ozarks is fabulous!

Beautiful bird photos!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our sunset was so red last evening (wednesday). It was one of those sunsets that almost made me jump in the car and drive out to the fields so I could see it better. I knew by the time I drove out there it would almost be gone. I now wish I had gone there anyway. I was too tired. :/

Mr Mockingbird looks to be asking for his raisin treat. ??

Q said...

Good Morning Marvin,
It is raining while I write this morning. As long as it is rain I never mind. It is when it turns to ice that I have concern.
Yesterday the temperature was rather pleasant, but the wind was sharp and kept me from staying out very long.
Winter is difficult if I cannot be outside. I do not "coop up" very well. I quickly get cabin fever.
I will need to figure out some way to have my bird time rain or shine or wind!

Q said...

Dear Pat,
The sunrises and sunsets over the Lake of the Ozarks are beautiful. One of Missouri's treasures are her sunrises and sunsets.
My husband called me, as he was driving home last night, to tell me how lovely this sunset was.
I went outside and watched the sunset. So glad I did too.

Q said...

Good Morning Lisa,
I also do not have a clear view to the horizon from my deck. I could have walked over to the cemetery for a broader view and a more sweeping photo. Sometimes it is just enough for me to see the sunset to feel the connection with nature I so love.
Mr. Mockingbird did want his raisins! When I go outside here he comes. The Cardinals also like the raisins. They do not come as close as the Mocker.
Hope you get to sleep in a little bit or even take a nap. Winter does seem to be the best time of year for napping.

Chrissie said...

Wonderful photos, Sherry. The sunrise and sunset are just beautiful. Hope you are warm :-) It is so dull here (pitch black as I write) and windy. Typical British winter :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Sometimes in the winter our sunrises and sunsets are very beautiful. Yesterday was one of these days.
Hang on, Spring is just around the corner for you.
Although I love Spring I am hoping this year our warm up is later so that all the plants have a chance for a full bloom and no late freeze to harm them!
Stay cozy.

Mary said...

Sorry I missed this one - I'm late. Mockingbird is full of expression, all of the time. Gotta love 'em.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Anymore I never know when I am going to post. All depends on the photos!
Mockingbird is a fun backyard bird.
I really like how unafraid he is.
Lots of personality.
He listens to me prattle on about the other birds too.

smilnsigh said...

Such beautiful photos...

Poor little birdie, he is listing, in the wind.


Anonymous said...

I can't remember if I commented on this or not but that is my kind of photo of a mockingbird! Bravo!

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Mockingbird is just looking for his raisins! When I go out he comes right up thinking I have fresh raisins. The Cardinals also eat the raisins. I do think I could hand feed this Mocker. It was windy!

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
It is so kind of you to visit me! Mockingbird hangs out in the back bushes with the Cardinals until they see me come outside. They all come up to the trees and bushes by the deck and onto the feeders. I seem to take lots of pictures of him and the Cardinals since they are right up close.