Friday, August 01, 2008

New Sunflower Moon


Q said...

Dear Friends,
Happy New Sunflower Moon!
Happy August.
This musical selection is called, "Morning Song" Artist unknown. It is off a compliation cd. Hope you enjoy this day and this slide show.
I am outside hunting bugs!
Bird songs and butterfly wings,

Marimoy said...

Happy August to you! This is a great slide show. Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Once again your eye and your camera captured the exquisite beauty of butterflies, birds and a marvelous spider web! Thanks for setting the tone for the new month. Sending blessings for the days to com. . .love~carol

Cheryl said...

The music and video tonight made me feel so emotional Sherry........all the little creatures so beautiful captured as always.....
thank you....

Tumblewords: said...

Exquisite! You have admirable talents, Sherry!

Wendy said...

What a beautiful piece of music! Funny, I was thinking about this very piece as I was taking my morning walk the other day. Thinking that it would work well with a slide show such as yours!

I am sorry to say, I still haven't checked out the info you gave me on how to do the slide show, but will get to it when the weather cools down and I'm not outdoors so much. I haven't been blogging as much lately either, so I've missed a lot of good posts.
Will catch up....

The music is from Peer Gynt, a play written by a Norweigen fellow back in 1875 or thereabouts. If you google it, you will find out more info. I seem to remember learning this at school (a hundred or so years ago - LOL!)

Happy New Sunflower Moon to you, Sherry, and Happy Festival of Lugh. I tried to post about the Festival of Grain and Harvest today, but I am locked out of my blog. Seems they are investigating whether or not it is a spam blog.

Your butterflies and flowers are just gorgeous and that hummingbird towards the end looks like he's saying "good-by".
Love and Light,

Mary said...

I love you, Sherry. You just put me over the edge of my chair - leaning, leaning, jaw relaxed. What a wonderful time I just had.

YOU are my #1 nature photographer and an angel when I need one.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such exciting music to go with your outstanding photos Sherry. It made me wish I could go horseback riding through a meadow of wildflowers. I don't know why this came ot mind but it did.

Happy New Sunflower Moon to you too. Have a great weekend.

Jeanne said...

Love you

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
You are welcome. I worry that the slide shows will become boring! I told my husband I needed some new bugs for slide shows. A few dancing bugs would be nice.
As we go into the end of summer I hope some of the butterflies and moths I have not seen yet this year will come into the gardens.

Q said...

Dear Carol,
Thank you. The dog days of summer are upon us. I am perched up now inside. Too hot in the afternoons for me to be outside.
I hope to get pictures in the cool of the mornings.
Hope you are staying cool.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
You are so very welcome. I am pleased the photos brought a joy to your heart. I love each of the bugs and the birds that come into my backyard. The rabbits and chipmunks and squirrels are also darling. While walking in the woods, I saw a fawn and her Mother. Sometimes the deer eat in my garden. I try to remember they are hungry too and this once was their territory. We relocate the raccoons, the groundhogs and the oppossums. They get hit by cars out on the busy street that runs in front of my house. The deer are too big for traps!
I often think it is a good thing I live here in the city. At least some of the birds and bugs get a good meal every day!
I enjoy making the slide shows, so glad you enjoy watching them.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Thank-you, thank-you! Bowing...
It is funny how during the week I think about slide show. Sometimes I hold off posting a picture or two thinking they would be better as surprises for slide show!
Thank you Sue, for introducing me to the software.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Thank you!!! I did not know anything about this piece of music. It is a favorite of mine too.
When life settles down for you send me an e-mail. I would be happy to share how I do the slide shows. My e-mail address is on my profile.
Happy, happy Festival of Lugh to you too. I also was going to do something for it on Corner but with new moon and slide show it was too much!
If you would like me to vouch for you I will! Blogger is so silly.
Thank you for your support and friendship, Wendy.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Oh Honey... I love you too!
My photography is about relationships. Sometimes I have the bird or bug report but mostly I try and show my relationship with a bird or a bug or a bloom. This series shows my friend, Little Bee a few times with other bugs. Little Bee walks around with me. I have lots of pictures of Little Bee!
I do hope life has settled down for you and you are enjoying your relationship with your hummers this year. Looks like you also are building a relationship with a Tiger Swallowtail and a Zebra!!!
I have gone to the bugs hope you are joining me! Even in the heat the bugs are refreshing.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The image of riding on horeback in a meadow has now stayed with me for two days!!!
I also would like to do that. I am afraid I would need a very quiet horse tho, so I could take pictures!!
So glad this series brought am image to your mind. I am thinking the slide shows are doing their good work...
Thank you Lisa. We have two New Moons this month...very exciting as this second New Moon has not yet been named. I will see what Mother Nature wants me to name her.
It will be on August 30th.
August is a fun filled month even if it is 101 in the shade!

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you!
I shall pop over and has been too long.