Saturday, June 02, 2007


The Mockingbird chicks are out of the nest!

The rabbits are eating the lettuce.

This is my 998th post.
I have one more post.
Something happens after 999.
I do not know what it will be.
We will see.


Jayne said...

Awww... look at that fuzzy little head! :c)

Deb said...

998 wonderful posts!
Congratulations & Thank you for such wonderful, inspirational photographs & words.

Q said...

Hi Jayne,
I have been wondering when the Mockingbird chicks would come out!
I enjoyed your bluebirds fledging!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Thank you!
You have encouraged me.
I think "corner" is okay. Blogger did not do anything so far!
Fingers crossed.
On to 2,000!

Mary said...

What? What will happen?

Awww. Cute litle mocker...

Naturegirl said...

Absolutely wonderful photos!hugs NG

Q said...

Hi Mary,
The little mockingbirds are very, very cute!
I really like the Mockingbirds.
Thank goodness I did not fall off into cyberspace!

Q said...

Hi Naturegirl,
Taking photos is my passion. I need to get back to plants but I find I lose interest and want to go take pretty pictures.