Monday, June 11, 2007

Adopt a rock

Our son is moving
from his house in the country.

He is having an "adopt a rock,
adopt a plant" event.

I have adopted many.

The rose rocks are going where lost roses once grew in my gardens.
Other rocks are the beginnings of a rock garden.
The adopted plants will also be in the rock garden.
I do not know where in the yard the rock garden will be.
My husband has a few boulders left over from a project at work.
These will be the pillars of the garden.
We have rocks from other projects he has done.
There are rocks from travels and from our parents and grandparents homes.
When friends have moved and they can no longer care for their rocks they bring them to me.
Rocks have always been a part of our lives.
We have rocks with stories.

The Daylilies are blooming.
I have a collection of them too.
Daylilies with stories.
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smilnsigh said...

"Adopt a rock" Oh this is such a cute entry!!!! :-))))


PAT said...

Sherry, This is a great post. We are rock people! We've collected them here and there for years and even hauled fairly large ones from the farm!

I have a little glass ice bucket with anchors on the sides, at the lake...filled with rocks from Michigan, near lake Michigan and Huron!

The rose rock is beautiful.

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Mary said...

That's a terrific idea, Sherry. "Adopt a Rock" - yes. You will be able to look at your garden and have memories, too.

Q said...

Hi Mari-Nanci,
He cannot take all of his rocks with him! I am happy to care for them. I can never move from my house and gardens; too many rocks and too many plants.
My son is very creative and is happy his treasures will be cared for at his Parents house.
Smiles and sighs are really what life is about.
You are a wise woman.
Sherry, who is smiling today

Q said...

Dear Pat,
So glad to know another rock person! I shall tell my son.
I am pleased these adopted rocks are outside rocks. The inside of my house is full!
I have lots of fossils too. Years ago my husband and I would go rock hunting... I liked the fossils so much that he would find me a spot and would get my little rock hammer out and do my fossil hunt..
Crinoids are my favorites. I like the flowers in rocks!
I have few rose rocks already placed near the dead the rose bushes. This large rose rock will go where the climbing rose bush is. I will replant that bush and try again!
Sherry, keeper of the rocks

Q said...

Hi Mary,
More stories and more memories...
I guess that is how it goes.
A rock garden just makes good sense to me.
In many ways I am a practical mystic!

Sheila said...

These are so pretty.
I possess a small basalt(?) one, worn smooth by the tide. It belonged to my mother, who picked it up on a beach in England.
I like to think of her holding it and stroking it's smooth surface. She had it in her purse for many years...
My daughter uses rocks..well hot stones..for spa massage, they have their own energy, and I like to think...their own personalities..!

Q said...

Good Morning Sheila,
The rocks are pretty.
What a grand rock you have. Holding your Mother's rock would be a special way of connecting.
I have massages regularly but never have done the hot rock massage. It sounds heavenly!
One of these days I will have one.
Working with your daughter at the spa must be a delight for you, the sounds and smells and the closeness of daughter so nice.

Tumblewords: said...

Another commonality. I have pots of rocks, containers of rocks, areas of rocks - all collected by my parents and me during their lifetime. The sight of a special one brings back memories that make me smile - albeit with a touch of tear. Rocks Rock!

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
LOL!! Rocks do rock!
I would enjoy hearing the stories of your rocks. I think I need to make notes about mine. My rock collection has grown rather large and I do not want to forget where a rock came from.
I bet we have many ways in common.
I can almost hear your smile.