Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Artful Life

I began today writing the story.

I hung the first piece for the blue garden.

I set the brass peacocks out.

They will remind me of the Jack In the Pulpits.

I will let all the bird planted sunflowers grow
and watch as the beans begin to form.

Today I began my Artful Life.
Join me as I tell this story.


Mary C said...

Hi Sherry - I just checked out your new blog. I will add it to the other blogs I now read, and look forward to your future posts in The Artful Life. Thumbs up for Sherry!

Sheila said...

I have bookmarked your new blog. I love the idea of a blue garden, and your garden decorations..
DH and I watched a fantastic documentary on Nature last night about a Red Tailed Hawk who lives in Central Park in NY. He is called Pale Male (because of his unusually pale plumage)...have you seen or heard of was amazing and I though of you while watching it..! He and four mates (through the past 10 years) have raised a total of 25 chicks..!

Mary said...

Blue! I Love Blue! And your garden decorations are very "artfull".

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The Artful Life should be very fun!
I hope so anyway...
The idea is to have a place to tell the story of how the refining of house and gardens go.
I so hope it is enjoyable for others.
Thank you for encouraging me.
I expect this refinement will take some effort.
Having you to share with makes the process more fun.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I am looking forward to sharing the development of new gardens.
The blue garden is just starting on paper. When I saw the blue porcelin hanging planter I thought I could at least begin with an item. I am looking for a blue flowering plant for it now.
I have not heard of Pale Male!
I do often watch Nature and will see if I can catch a repeat. This bird sounds as if he has adapted to New York City...25 chicks is amazing. Also sounds as if New York City has adapted to him!
I so love stories like this where people and birds have learned to live together. It is always distressing when I hear how a habitat is distroyed for deck furniture or hamburgers.
Thank you for letting me know about Pale Male.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Blue is different for me!
Some herbs I have grown in the past have blue flowers and I did have blue Forget-me-nots from a friend"s garden who has died now. I have never, on purpose, planted a blue garden. I do not even know where it will go!
The decorations will change I am sure as I refine each spot. For now I am wanting to decorate the spots the dead plants were.
The Peacoks will go in the blue garden. It is a process!

smilnsigh said...

As I commented there, I am so happy to join you, on your journey.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I think having a seperate spot for the refine and for how the Artful Life shows itself is a good idea. Corner is real and is part of the Artful Life but it is more about birds and butterflies, bees and blooms. Sometimes we have a snack and a beverage!
I am so happy you will join me as I express.

Q said...

Thank you Housefrau!
My daughter was so kind to add Artful Life to my sidebar!
You are so sweet.
My "IT" lady.