Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Butterflies and Hummingbirds

The Butterflies and Hummingbirds

really keep my spirits up.

I have been struggling to be excited
about gardening.
When I take a break and watch the Hummers and the Butterflies
I forget all about gardening.


PAT said...

More gorgeous photos! I love the Hummingbird shots!

I think we should plant something here, that will bring some Butterflies, this way. We have Hummingbirds, but haven't seen many Butterflies.

Back Porch Musings

Q said...

Dear Pat,
I seem to take lots of Hummingbird photos!
Maybe I could do a Hummingbird post every day? I never tire of taking their photos. I watched tonight as a male Hummingbird did his dance for a female. We have three males and two females. Hopefully they will mate and we will have babies at the feeders!
I do all sorts of plants for the butterflies. As I learn what is a host plant I plant it. I have hops now for the larva for the Eastern Comma. I also put out nectar bowls for the butterflies and fruit slices.
The Monarchs need Milkweed! They must have it for their larva.
I leave all I can for the Monarchs.
Most gardeners find it offensive but when we remember it is Monarch food it becomes beautiful!
Gardens for the butterflies are beautiful, they are somewhat "messy" as the butterflies do need some leaf litter and some old bark here and there.

Naturegirl said...

Butterflies hummers and Peonys keep my spirit high!!
(do you feed hummers 1 to 4 water as the sugar water?? tell me..us!!hugs NG

Sheila said...

Who wants to work when you can sit and be entertained by these flying jewels..!

Jayne said...

Beautiful shots Sherry. They are just such magnificent little birds, aren't they?

smilnsigh said...

I actually saw one dark, ruby throated Hummingbird the other day. It came to the vine whose blossoms they love. Right before a big downburst of rain.

I didn't try to run for my camera... since I don't see many. I just called my husband to see it too and ... I wanted to just watch it for the couple of minutes it was here.


Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
Yes, the nectar is 1/4 th cup sugar to 1 cup water. I change my feeders every other day. I just pour the leftover nectar on a bush for the butterflies. I use organic sugar and filtered water.
Your Peonies are so beautiful!
Your Peonies keep my spirits up too!

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
They are fun and ever so beautiful.
I do need to get some flowers going for them!

Q said...

Hi Jayne,
They are wonderful!
I enjoy them so much. I am always a bit concerned they won't stay for the summer.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
How very thrilling to see the Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird! I bet he and maybe a she will be back.
Do you set out feeders?
I enjoy the Hummers so very much!
I am so glad you told us about seeing Mr. Hummer.

Mary said...

You are the best, Sherry!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you!