Monday, June 18, 2007

For Daisy

I was reading Sheila's journal and she posted Daisy had died.
I did not know her.
I had not read her writings.

I stopped what I was doing and read.
She taught me so much.
Thank you Daisy.

Her journal is her legacy.
I added the Mighty Oak to my notes for solstice.
I think of her and her family.

We are a community.
Thank you Sheila, As Time Goes By.


Naturegirl said...

Daisy Lupin and her blogsite ~Cats in the kitchen flora in the garden~ both
delightful and inspiring to many within the blog community! Her presence will surely be missed and her spirit will always live among the ~daisies~ we see in our gardens!
Peace be to our ~Special Daisy~..
hugs to you ~Q.~ for posting this lovely tribute!
exremely sad today.NG

Sheila said...

Sherry...Thank you for observing Daisy's passing. She was loved and will be sorely missed.
She was very knowledgeable in matters of country law, and plants, a visit her blog was an education. She wrote good history based stories too for her writing circles. Her latest project was favourite poetry of childhood, to which many of us contributed.

Sheila said...

Sorry that should have been 'country lore'

NatureWoman said...

Sherry, I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy. I'm not familiar with her blog, but I'll read her past postings.

Q said...

Thank you both for letting me know about Daisy. I enjoyed reading her blog. A most delightful lady. Very interesting and she WAS knowledgable! I was very impressed.
Took notes!
She surely will be missed by the blogging community and her family and friends.
Thanks again for letting me know.

The French Nest said...

There are so many beautiful blogs out there and people we never get the chance to know. This was such a sweet tribute and in leaving this comment this is my way of honouring her life.

Thank you Sherry

Q said...

Hi Naturewoman,
I think you will enjoy her writings as I did.

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
Oh yes, so many talented people with lovely blogs.
It is always a gift to me when I learn of another wonderful spot to visit. Like having an oasis, refreshment and beauty right at my finger tips. We never know from moment to moment what will happen.

Sprite said...


Oh, Blessings for Daisy and all who loved her, and are blessed by her work.

This is a very precious tribute to her, and so kind.

I will look for her writings...

Lovingly and Peacefully,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I enjoyed reading Daisy's post on the Celtic Almanac. June 10th began the Celtic Month of Duir. "Duir meaning door", she writes. It is the month of the Oak. She wrote about Oaklore. She inspired me to do some research on Oaklore and to honor the Oak for solstice this year.
I think you will enjoy her writings.

Mary said...

Oh, Sherry I have tears running down my cheeks. I didn't know Daisy. Her daughter did a wonderful thing to post for her...


Q said...

Hi Mary,
Daisy really has inspired me!
I have been working this morning on how I want to celebrate solstice this year. I do not know very much lore but I can learn.
I am amazed that I grow so many olde world plants. So once again I am on the deck writing with the birds and butterflies and buds.
I was slso touched by her daughter posting for her.
Thanks to Sheila and Naturegirl for letting me know about Daisy so I could let others know.
"Word of mouth" is now words in blogs..
However we are connected it is good.

Mary said...

Yes, we are connected and I would have loved to know Daisy. Thanks, Sherry.