Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great Spangled Fritillary

I watched as the Great Spangled Fritillary
found nectar in the Wild Sunflowers
and Bright Eyes Cosmos.

This common butterfly is new to me.
As I learn my butterflies I am keeping a life list.
The Great Spangled Fritillary is new to my gardens.


Sheila said...

I have a new appreciation for your butterfly photos after trying unsuccessfully to capture some shots recently.
Practice, practice practice..and then maybe I can post some beauties like these...!


Mary said...

Sherry - you are the best. How do you do it, woman????

Did I tell you this before?: submit to nature magazines?????

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Practice and sometimes it is just serendipity!
The Great Spangled Fritillary was very exciting to me since I had never seen one. One of the joys of the camera is being able to take lots of photos and come in and identify just what it is I took 100 photos of!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you! I don't do too much else anymore...pretty pictures that's all I want to do. I figure the house is clean enough, I am never in it.
I told my husband when I turn 60 I will see about making some money at my hobby! Until than I need another filter and a couple more lens.
Backyard birds, bugs and blooms...
I love it. Glad you do too.

Mary C said...

Sherry - Wow! Beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

Q - these photos have captured the beautiful colours of nature ... simply breathtaking.

Q said...

Hi Mary Carlson,
I like to go outside and take pictures. I REALLY like to take pictures of a new to me species.
It is convient when the birds and butterflies come here and I do not have to go afield to find them!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I am so glad the birds planted so many sunflowers. I did a few and still have a collection to plant where the wheat grew. Maybe this weekend I will get them in the ground.
Chris reminded me even if I do not plant Mother Nature will. Could be the "wild" plants are what the butterflies are looking for this year.
I could just go "wild" and see what happens!

Sprite said...


oH YeS! wiLd iS a GoOd tHinG~



Q said...

Dear sprite,
I am going wild!!!
At least until it cools down again...
I imagine I will get back to the gardens soon.