Friday, June 08, 2007


I watched the Jasmine bloom this morning.
The vine is eight years old.
It grows in a large pot on a bamboo trellis.
It is not hardy in my area so I winter over the vine inside, in my dining room.

I picked a bloom for my hair and one to press for my new journal.
My new adventure; my living the Art-filled Way.

I do not know how my new adventure will unfold.
I bet there will be birds and butterflies and blooms!


Naturegirl said...

I love Jasmine green tea so it is nice to see the flower!I suppose it would grow similar to an orchid?
As a flower child in the sixties..I would wear flowers in my hair I think many did!Peace love and blessings NG

Deb said...

Your Art journal adventure sounds wonderful - how lovely to include your jasmine bloom.

Jayne said...

Mmmmm... I was wondering what that wonderful aroma was!

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I also enjoy the Jasmine Green Teas!
I dry my blooms and add them to my green tea. I like the fresh blooms in my tea as well. It makes for a lovely cup!
I also was a Flower Child in the sixties!! Still am, I do think.
Peace! (showing you my peace sign!)LOL
Sherry, who still wears flowers in her hair

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I am very excited about the entire idea of living an art-full way. My new journal is divided into three parts, outside, inside and me!
I have it in my pocket so I can jot down any ideas when they come floating in. I also want to go on a few "research trips".
I need inspiration!
I want to visit gardens to start.
I want to add the special touches to every aspect of my life.
I think this will be fun!

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Jasmine is one of my favorite smells! I dry the blossoms and use them in the winter.

Mary said...

No doubt, Sherry. Birds, butterflies, and blooms. That's you.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I expect there will be dragonflies too and a few bees and perhaps some lovely, comfy bamboo clothes!
(I like bamboo!)
I also think there will outings of all sorts and adventures!
My "artfilled" way will include color, blues and greens and yellows!
It will be pretty!!
Maybe even beautiful.