Sunday, June 24, 2007


I had been wanting to get some
Jasmine photos.
The Clearwing Hummingbird Moth came in and helped.
I like bugs on flowers.
I like birds on flowers.


Naturegirl said...

I am in total awe!! Look at those wings! I think this is a ~Fairie Hummingbird moth!~ surely ..dancing around the jasmine! Lovely photos as always!! You amaze both myself and natureboy!hugs NG

Anonymous said...

That third one is perfect! I don't get that critter around here.

Deb said...

I am fascinated by your Hummingbird Moth ~ spectacular!

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
My Fairies come in all shapes and sizes! Sometimes they are in bubbles and globes of shimmering light sometimes disguised as bugs!
What is amazing for me is the Clearwing hovers and it's wings are always in motion, getting them in stop action was very fun!
The Swallowtail also has continuously moving wings! Oh, the joys of speed priority!
So glad you enjoy the photos. I love taking them and sharing them.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
The Clearwing almost looks otherworldly!
I liked the background on the third shot too. I took about 100 photos of the Clearwing today. Good for a slide show.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
There are some other moths I would like to see in my gardens, the Luna Moth is so beautiful!!!
I have seen it once but not in my yard. Hopefully one of these nights I will get to see one nectaring! When I do I will try to get some good photos!
I ordered the book you suggested.
Can't wait to see it!

Sprite said...


After looking at these beautiful photographs, how could one not believe in faeries?

It is so beautiful, once again my heart is singing!

Thank you Sherry!

I just LOVE these pictures.


Sheila said...

Your photos of the many little visitors to your garden amaze and delight me. This moth is so unusual I love it..she is beautiful.

Jayne said...

HOW cool!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I was very, very excited to see the Clearwing in the Jasmine. Wonderful flower for photos!
The Jasmine actually needed a good bug to show itself the best.
I do believe and see the Fairies everyday!!
I see you!

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I think the Clearwings are beautiful too. Lots of great birds and bugs and blooms all over the world! It is exciting to me to see what joy Mother Nature sends each day. I call summertime "Butterfly Days". I could change that to "Bug Days"!
Sherry, who likes to keep watch on the bugs

Q said...

Hi Jayne,
I bet you also have Clearwings in your gardens!
I like them!