Sunday, June 17, 2007

List Book

On Sunday evening I make my plans for the week.
I check my calendar.
I write in my list book what I want to do.
This coming week I have,
Solstice and plant seeds.
Rain is in our forecast for tomorrow.
I want to plant seeds in the rain.
I have lots of seeds to plant.
A bumble bee was in the lavender this afternoon.
I was pleased to see him.
Not my Mr. Bumbles but a bumble bee.
I take many pictures everyday of the Hummingbirds.
I like them so very much.
Come next winter when I am longing for the Hummers I can make a disc of just Hummingbirds and do a slide show.


Sprite said...


Dear Q~

I love these pictures, and especially the one of the bumble bee. Perhaps it is a friend of Mr. Bumbles?

L~ Sprite

Mary said...

I hope you get that rain, Sherry.

I enlarged the photo of your hummer and it's fantastic! I take photos of my hummingbirds every day, also. I think I'll use your idea in the winter months and make a slide show of them. They are my favorite summertime birds.

Q said...

Good Morning Sprite,
I do think the bumble bee is a friend of Mr. Bumbles!
I know Mr. Bumbles very well and for some, a bee is a bee, but Mr. Bumbles would buzz me and follow me about, this bee was too busy for that!
I am working today on how I want to spend Summer Solstice this year.
There will be bees, butterflies, birds and blooms and a beverage!
I shall plan to spend some of my day here at Corner, with you.
It will be a most magical day.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
There is a fine mist, right now as I write, softly filling the air. I will be outside soon with my seeds.
January, Hummingbirds is a promise of summertime! I also could travel and see them! Now that is a grand idea. There are so many different types, ones I have never seen.
I like this idea too.
I would call it, "Trip to see the Hummers."

smilnsigh said...

Oh yes, Summer Solstice! And time to rent 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (1999) DVD from the library. :-) And to play the CD of the music from it.

Thank you so much for saying that white flowers are difficult to photograph. And for giving me tips on the best time to try.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Midsummer Nights Dream is one of my favorites of Shakespear's pLays.
I often have read it on Solstice.
White flowers are very difficult to photograph! Good luck! I do turn my flash off and try a cloudy day. Even with a filter on the lens the sun is just too bright for white flowers.

Deb said...

So many lovely photos - Mr bumbles & Hummingbird. Our new hummingbird feeder has had it's first visitor -I had no time to get the camera but enjoyed watching him...hope he returns soon :-}and that I am able to get a photo as lovely as yours.

Q said...

Oh Deb,
Yeah!! The Hummingbirds are back!
I am sure he will be back and the female will come too...
You will get photos and have many hours of delight. They are so joyful.
Hummingbird chatter!
Our daughter saw her Rufus Hummingbird and heard his chatter!
I am so excited for you.