Friday, June 29, 2007

Looking for bugs

The rains stopped.
The bugs began to come out.
I like bugs.
I think I will change the lens of the camera and go bug hunting.


Naturegirl said...

I am always bug hunting but when the camera is in hand they disappear!Today I chased a butterfly around the garden I think it was playing ~you can't catch me!~ Each time I had my head down clipping lavender there it was and when I got the camera out off it goes!I even placed the camera next to me and S-T-E-P-P-E-D on it!!!!Accidently just a few scratches :(
Great photos here!hugs NG

Chrissie said...

That's a great idea! We should all do a bug hunt and post what we find - let's hope it stops raining here for a little while too :-)

Sheila said...

Your beautiful flowers attract amazing bugs, and they attract colourful birds, and your fabulous photos attract us.What a magic circle !
I have no luck capturing bugs with my camera, just bees..
We have too many June bugs right now, we need some hungry feathered friends..!

smilnsigh said...

I love the title of this entry! Actually _looking_ for bugs! Because they often appear in a purrrrfect shot of a flower, when we don't really *want* them to. -giggles- I love that you are going _looking_ for them!


smilnsigh said...

And thank you for your comment in my sort-of-wonderins blog on the June 18th entry. You said; "If I have a sadness I go ahead and feel it and let it go." Which seems like the most perfect of ways to deal with sadness!

Not denying it. Not stuffing it down inside, to deal with at another time. Deal with it immediately and then... let it go. Perfect.


Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
Oh dear! I hope camera is okay!
I hope you are okay! Stepping on cameras can be painful!
Butterflies are like that! They flit about teasing us with their beauty. Once one does hold still I only have a second before off it goes!
I do love the bugs and after all the rains stop I expect to see lots of hungry butterflies!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thanks for the linking me to the bug hunt!
I will have to wait until it stops raining again to go out. I did see some great bugs during the break yesterday but I was not overly pleased with the shots. The light was all wrong. I need a smaller lens to really do the little bugs justice. I will look for your bug post!

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Oh, thank you! We are in a circle!!
I love that! Thank you.
Lots of the flowers in my yard this year were planted by the birds and the wind.
I wonder who eats June bugs? Lots of the birds are bug eaters when they can find them.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
One of my friends last year told me she likes the photos of the flowers when they have bugs on them!
Me too!
I am always hunting for bugs.
Soon I hope to see the Praying Mantis. One of my all time favorite bugs.

Mary said...

Bug hunting! LOL! Sherry, do you know how funny you are?????

Q said...

Dear Mary,
On to the bug hunt!
Backyard safari.
Mary, I am so glad you get me!
I do have lots of fun rain or shine!