Friday, June 22, 2007

Place of ease

I am in and out
now that the afternoons are so warm.

I saw the Great Spangled Fritillary fly in.
Next the Skippers came.
The female American Goldfinch feed on a sunflower near the deck.

I am mostly out!
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PAT said...



Q said...

Dear Pat,
Hope all is going well for you and your husband is recovering just fine.
I have let all the bird sowed flowers grow this year. There are Holihocks in the east side bed! Hope butterflies like them...
I do enjoy bird feeding with the flowers, as it "should" be. I think the goldfinches like the wild sunflowers best!

Deb said...

The goldfinch on the sunflower is such a lovely photo.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I was so pleased to be able to snap a series of photos while she feed. Last year I tried so many times to get close photos of the Goldfinches on sunflowers. Having the sunflowers close to me worked the best!

Mary C said...

Your pix are beautiful as usual, Sherry. Your goldfinches remind me of the Lesser goldfinches I get in my yard. The last few years we've had sunflowers growing wild, just for them. We don't have any this year, and I miss watching them eating the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, especaily the buterfly one.

smilnsigh said...

All your photos are beautiful, but that last one is especially so.


Mary said...

Sherry, do you see life go by with a camera attached to your face? LOL! Wouldn't it be nice to have that sort of equipment strapped around our heads so we will never miss anything? Ok, I'm giddy and tired.

Wonderful shots, as usual.

Chrissie said...

Enjoy your day, Sherry. I do love the summer days when you can wander in and out of the house without a jacket. It's raining here again but I might pop out, just for a minute :-)

Q said...

Hi Mary Carlson,
I see you live in California!
Lesser Goldfinches do not come to the mid-west. I will do a search and learn a bit more about them. The American Goldfinches eat the seeds out of the sunflowers. I do not mind as I think a bird on a flower is BEAUTIFUL!
I do hope to have plenty of sunflowers for the butterflies and the Hummingbirds come august. If I could have a couple for the house I also would be pleased. I think I will plant some just so I do!
I need to reclainm the gardens.

Q said...

Hi Cathy,
The Great Spangled Fritillary is new to my gardens and seeing it on the Purple Cone flower was very exciting to me! I want to plant more Cone flowers. I know it is getting late in the growing season but I want to plant...
I am ready to garden again.
The butterflies brought the desire back.

Q said...

Hi MAri-Nanci,
I was so happy to get the photo of the female Goldfinch on the sunflower! I hope to get the male too.
These are the joys of planting for the birds.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
If I am outside the camera goes with. I have learned by missing too many shots not to have the camera with me at all times. Lately, the last year or so, I have spent most of the daylight hours behind the lens! I get very little work done! Oh, well, maybe tomorrow....
Sherry, who does see the world behind the lens of a camera.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
It is easier!
I get too hot in the sun and have to come in to cool down. When it is raining I have to figure out ways to take pictures without the lens getting wet. I love rainy days tho.
I find them so refreshing. Last week planting seeds in the rain was wonderful.