Sunday, June 10, 2007

R & I Field Trip

Yesterday I went on a field trip by myself.
I went to Powell Gardens,
a 900 acre Botanical Gardens, about 30 minutes east of my house.
I went to do some research.
I went to be inspired.
I went at my own pace.

I packed my day pack with water, refreshments, notebooks and an extra camera battery.
I spent my day around exquisite gardens.
I bought a field guide for Dragonflies in the gift shop.
I was pleased to see the male and the female Widow Skimmer.
The water gardens were filled with Blue Dashers.
I spent my day taking notes and pictures.
I looked at the books I bought while I had lunch in the cafe.
After six hours I was tired.
I was inspired.
I have more research trips to take.


Chrissie said...

Sounds like you had a great day Sherry :-) Thanks for the pics, great post!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thanks. I do want to be back working in my gardens soon. Spending time alone at the botanical gardens was so good for me. Going gave me some ideas.
The Butterfly Gardening book I bought has the host plants and the nectar plants many butterflies need. This gives me a starting spot to creating the type of butterfly gardens I want.
I have desire again.