Monday, February 04, 2008


The morning fog
hung low.

My world is soft and warm.

I seldom see fog.
I seldom see soft.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks just like this at our house this morning. A wonderful way to start the week. Maybe I will get my house cleaned up now. Ha.. or maybe I will just read some more blogs. tee hee...

meggie said...

We have been getting quite a lot of rain, & often have thick fogs in the morning. They make it quiet & humid, & feel rather oppressive.
At present it is raining again, a light misty rain.

Chrissie said...

The fog can be mysterious and confusing, always much clearer when it lifts and the sun comes through :-)

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Walking in the fog was nice. I enjoyed the way the morning looked and felt.
Before I ran errands I watched as the sun "burned" the fog away and left the sidewalks wet. Perhaps since I seldom have fog I found it very romantic!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
You have had lots of rain!
The misty rains are also so romatic! Your summer is coming to a close like my winter. I have been enjoying watching the weather in the southern hemisphere through your eyes.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Fog is very interesting. The world looks so different when shrouded in fog. I could not see very far and the light was not good for photos. No bird pictures until this afternoon.
You may have fog more often than I!
I have this idea that Somerset is foggy, being right on the water's edge. I would think fog can be very dangerous. It looks very "mysterious" laying low on the ground. I felt as if I was walking in a cloud...I think I was.

Anonymous said...

Hmm didn't have fog until quittin' time at work. However did wake up to light snow falling. As for fog in the winter time, to me it makes the world around me colder.

Mary said...

Fog is softening. To the eyes and skin.

It can be scary when it forms dense clouds when driving to work before sunrise!

Very nice, Sherry.


Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I so seldom have fog! It was warm this morning and the day continued to warm.
Thank you for poems! The fractal is very cool. Sue from Tumblewords creates them too. My son also makes fractals. They always are so interesting to me.
Stay warm and hopefully dry.

Anonymous said...

Fog can really put a damper on things !

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Fog facials! LOL!
Driving in the fog could be dangerous. I barely was able to cross the street without getting hit. I do drive but I never like it. Way too nerve wrecking in any weather. When I am driving I do not talk on the cell phone or snack. I keep my eye on the road and the sky just in case a bird needs his photo taken. I cannot imagine driving in the fog.
If you have to, be extra careful.

Jeanne said...

We have had fog here too my lovely friend........
Love you

Q said...

Hi Tom,
LOL! It never lasts very long in my area. When we do get fog I am rather excited. A challange for photographs!

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Fog is very beautiful. It is soft and I become very dreamy. It is the weather of the poet.

smilnsigh said...

Very interesting that you seldom see fog. We seem to get quite a bit, around here. 'Tis a bit foggy, this morning, even.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Fog is rather mysterious to me.
I have romatic visions of Scotland and Wales. I like fog.
I like being in a cloud with my feet on the ground!