Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

We laid on the bed and looked out the window as
the Full Snow Moon began its eclipse.

As the eclipse progressed
we slowly had to move.

Finally we went outside.

I wanted to see total eclipse.

It is very cold. The wind is blowing.
I could only stay out for a couple of minutes.


Tumblewords: said...

I couldn't see from my place - I knew you'd photograph it - this is the first place I came. Grin. Lovely....I saw the last one but it was higher in the sky and later at night than this one...Did you see any turquoise around it at all? I heard there might be a flash of blue near the end?

meggie said...

Amazing photos Sherry! Wonderful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I couldn't wait to get around to see everyones pictures of the eclipse. I don't blame you for not being out very long. It took quite awhile to thaw out enough to go to get to sleep. Brrrrr I couldn't go back out to watch it emerge.

Chrissie said...

Wonderful photos, Sherry. I'm afraid I missed the eclipse, 3am is too out of time for me. Many thanks for posting and sharing yours :-)

Jayne said...

Oh, so beautiful Sherry. You and Lisa caught such beautiful images!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
LOL! I was too cold! My husband did the photographs for me. I set the camera up inside! He was nice and braved the cold for some excellent outside photographs. I just popped out and watched total eclipse, came right back in. Clouds blew in and within minutes the moon was covered. We are to have another wintery mix today and tonight.
I did not see any blue, how interesting. I wonder what that would have been. I did see the stars and the eclipsed moon. Very beautiful.
My daughter in Portland, Oregon watched. They had clear skies, very unusual for Portland!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
The eclipse was beautiful!
I know it will be awhile before we have another.
I am waiting for the next weather event to begin at my house, sleet and snow!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I would have needed to go to sleep too! My husband is very nice to brave the cold and middle of the night for the Lunar events!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Your husband did a marvelous job taking photos of the eclipse. I enjoy having the pictures.
It was beautiful. The clouds came over so I did not see miss moon emerge.
I so enjoy moon lore. I think I will look for a book about the different moon myths. That would be very fun. I am very connected to the moon.
Thank you for putting a link to Corner on your eclipse post.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Thank you! My husband did a great job. I have a nice group of Eclipse
I read in Lisa's comments it was cloudy at your house. Spring rains at your house? Sooooo cold here.

PAT said...

I just knew I could come here this morning and see some great photos of the lunar eclipse. We watched through the big bedroom window. Every so often we'd lower one of the upper windows (brrr) and I got a few shots (no screens on the windows). The photos aren't too bad, but not spectacular, like yours, which are amazing, as I knew they would be.

We had a clear sky and watched till the end..the stars were brilliant!

Had a wintery mix here, overnight. I think St Louis has ice on roads. I'm just now hearing what is going on there.


Anonymous said...

You took some great photos! Mine-- not so great--but your photos are always wonderful :)

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Laying on the bed was very cozy!
As the moon traveled and the eclipse grew I just couldn't stand not being outside! I went out and right back in! So cold....
I had the tripod set up in the bedroom with a shorter lens. My husband was very nice to put the long lens on and take the tripod and camera outside. I so appriciate his effort.
It will be a couple of years before we can watch another lunar eclipse. I did hear a solar eclipse is coming. That will be amazing. I will need to get some thicker filters if I want to take photos of that!
Wintery mix is falling right now.
I am winter weary.
Stay warm amd be safe. I do not know if this system is coming your way or not. I hope or not!

Q said...

Dear Susie,
Thank you! It was very kind of you to link Corner to your post.
I like the up close photos for Corner. Once in awhile I will do a "landscape" sort of thing. I do not live around very pretty landscapes. I guess my gardens are pretty but I tend to like to showcase the birds or the bugs.
In Florida you have very different birds and bugs than I. I have been to Sanibel. My husband and I developed the Sanibel stoop! Lots of the shells are surrounding my ponds and I did a few shell art pieces.
I would like to visit the Everglades!

Mary said...

I especially liked the first image of the moon through the frosted glass. Looks too cold, Sherry.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Did you watch the eclipse? It was a beautiful sight but soooo cold!
As the winter is wearing down so am I. I cannot acclimate to the cold. I am a Spring girl. I do 60 degrees very well...
Enjoy your lovely weather....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,
Your photos of the eclipse came out really good. Mine were not! I wish I could have gotten a shot of the moon with that cluster of stars around it. I wonder if any one did?

smilnsigh said...

Simply beautiful photos!!!

Q said...

Dear Sandy,
The tripod makes a world of difference! None of the moon and star photos came out for us. Stars are hard! The earth moving and all! It was beautiful. Sometimes it is enough to just see the glories of the natural world.
Glad you were able to watch.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Thank you.
We did not get to watch the moon emerge. Clouds came over and covered up the moon.
It was beautiful to watch as long as we were able to!