Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Abraham Lincoln

I know Mr. Lincoln as the sixteenth President.
The Gettysbury address is famous.
I have studied the American Civil War.

When I found a small collection of his poetry
I found a different man.
Three poems inspired by a visit in 1844 to Indiana.
A glimpse of his childhood.

The Poems of Abramham Lincoln

My Father was a stamp collector.
A few came to me.

They are in frames and I set them out in February.
I am reminded of my childhood.

My Father also collected coins.
I have a few of his pennies.
A few wheatstraws,
a couple of Lincoln's coppers.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Q, It is alternating snow and sleet here today. I didn't get to the post.

What a treasure having some of your Father's stamps to escort you down memory lane.

Today is Mr Lincoln's birthday. I would love to read his poems. I have heard some about them but have not ever read any of them.

Do you like any of his poetry?

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Oh, be careful! I do not like sleet! Snow I always think is good moisture for the gardens. Pretty too for pictures.
I like these poems. Let me see if I can find them on line to link you to them. They are sad in a way. One is very funny. It is about a bear hunt. Lincoln was a deep thinker and suffered from melancholy. These poems were written in 1844 while he was campaigning for Henry Clay. His display of emotion regarding his childhood is rather touching. I bought this little book in 1991, so I have read these poems many times. They are part of my Lincoln birthday celebration every year. I read them out loud. The birds seemed to like them.
Let me see what I can find for you.
Yes, it is very nice to have treasures from my parents. They were savers so their house was full of items. I have tried to use their treasures as part of my monthly decorations. When it works out I am always pleased.
Stay warm,