Monday, February 11, 2008


It is too cold and gray
for me to be outside today.

I have other entainments.
I have other ways to find delight.

Tasty treats and games
are fun.

For a little while
I am entertained.

The wintery mix could go around us.
Maybe just a few flurries.
Maybe just a bit of spitting snow.

I finished all my books.
I finished my tea
and my games.

Maybe I could try to bundle up.
Maybe I could try and go outside
at least for a few minutes.

Mockingbird wants raisins and I see the squirrels have knocked down a suet cake.
Maybe if I made the effort I could be with the birds.
just maybe, I too can puff and stay warm.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You better puff up a lot to go out today Q. I took Luna to the park and I was bundled up I am sure I looked puffy. :)

Looking at your games reminded me that I have a Mar Jong (sp) set that I bought at an auction one time long ago. I have never played it but have not gotten rid of it. I think the kids lost a piece when they were little and played around with the set. Other than that it is in great shape. I don't know what to do with it??

I don't know why I told you this. What you wrote just struck a chord.

I hope you are warm and happy.

Q said...

Dear lisa,
When it is 10 degrees, no sun and wind is blowing it feels like -10!
It really was cold. Glad you were able to get outside for a walk. I know I look a fright when I am out with the birds but they do not care.
I bet you have a mahjongg set. It is a Chinese solitary game. Some of these games are very old and the tiles could be ivory. I would
set it out at least once a year and play. A google search might give you the directions and rules. How fun! Fix a pot of Jasmine tea, have Chinese take out and a game of Mahjongg. Now that would be entertainment. If I lived closer I would come and play with you. I would even bring the fortune cookies.
I am so happy you told me about your set.
Thanks. It has been years since I have seen one.

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! The birds are puffy! Lucky them.
Mahjongg. I play on the computer because I haven't found anyone that plays nearby but I don't really know how, anyway! Rotten at strategy - I'm more of a SlapJack player. Grin. Love the pictures, the idea of tea and play while winter rages.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Day after day of cold is getting to me! I just feel tired. Like too much heat in August or too much wind, it wears me out.
I read too fast too. My books are over and the escape into another world is gone. I like to be involved with what ever I am doing with total abandonment.
I used to make things. All sorts of arts and crafts. I still make some things but I need so little anymore. My house is full of decorations.
Each day I stand at the back door and watch the birds. Each one so beautiful. I listen to my music and wait for the sun or the temperatures to rise. I watch the light. At some point I just cannot stand any longer. I will do what ever I have to do so I can be outside.
Mahjongg has always intriqued me.
Perhaps it is the tiles. I saw a set from the 1500's one time. My imagination took flight and I wrote a story about the set and the families that had been graced by the tiles.
I think I am a romantic.
Stay warm. Spring will come in due season.

smilnsigh said...

If you went out, I hope you came back in quickly... and cuddled with the cute calico kitty cat. :-)


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I did go out! I stayed for about 30 minutes. Inside to warm up and back out for more of those wonderful birds!
The Kitty I made 20 years ago. It is from fabric from the 1930's. An elderly woman I knew gave me the fabric and asked me to make her a kitty. I had enough material to make her one and one for me.
In February, Miss Kitty sits on one of my 1864 green velvet parlor chairs. I am reminded of my older friend.