Friday, February 01, 2008



Mary said...

Ahhhhh. The music is so moody and captivating. I was away for a few minutes.

Suddenly, I realized that the adorable Carolina Wren resembles a tennis ball wearing a toupe.

Now I need a nap.

Thank you, Sherry. No one can do this better than you.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Anoushka Shankar, daughter of Ravi Shankar, plays the sitar and the keyboards on this 2005 release of "Rise". This selection is called "Naked". So many ragas, the musical intrulude of this tradition, are very long. This was the shortest one I had!
I was not sure if the birds could do ragas. Carolina Wren became the star of this slide show. The way he looks reminded me of sultans. I do not know if I have "tennis ball with toupe" music!
Now if I can encourage a bird to do a belly dance I have a great piece of music! I wonder what Mrs. Cardinal is doing later. I could put the cd on and see how she responds. The birds do listen to my music!
Resting is always good! I nap off and on all day. I call it meditation.
You are welcome. It is fun.
Happy February, dear friend.
'Tis the season to...
Live, laugh and love,

PAT said...

Happy February Sherry!

I tried to capture a lady Cardinal yesterday. It was late in the day and the light wasn't best...missed her! I'll try again, today.

I'm wondering what the range of your lens is. I think I need one with a longer range. I'm learning my new camera and enjoying the process!


Tumblewords: said...

Ah, this is great. Happy February!

Deb said...

Happy February Sherry.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love Carolina Wrens. I know this will sound strange but I like to see their tail feathers from the underside. I think because I have found some tail feathers in our garden. They are so tiny. Such a sweet little bird. Fly little wren...

Barbara said...

The perfect (I like both, daughter and father Shankar) music for your wonderful winter bird pictures! I enjoyed these 4 minutes very much!
Have a nice weekend!

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Happy February! Hope the snow did not cause any troubles for you.
I have three lens. I can go from 18-500 hand held. At 500 I need lots of light for the best photos.
Light is everything! If it is too bright than my pictures do not turn out the way I like so I use a filter, sunglasses for the camera.
Shooting into snow can be a trouble. Back lighting sometimes is. Stop action is also very fun and if we are lucky our subject is in focus!
Enjoy your new camera. It takes awhile to learn how each lens works.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
I hope to get over this afternoon. I need a poetry fix! My sonnet this morning was nice but I need YOUR poetry.
Thank you. I was very pleased with this one.
Hope the snows have melted some. You have had a wild winter.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Thank you! I saw Ravi Shankar and his daughter in concert a few years ago. I have seen many performers but never one as gracious and as kind as Ravi. His music fills my spirit. I believe he and George Harrison brought the the Eastern way into my life. I am forever grateful.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I am very smitten with the Carolina Wren. I also enjoy seeing the tail feathers up! I think they are resourceful little birds. I also think they show so much conifidence. When ever Carolina Wren is about I smile. I am always delighted by his call and his song!

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
I was concerned this piece was too long! Thank you. When my husband watched my slide show last night he thought it was fine. This music really needs to be heard as one complete piece. I did not want to stop in mid-sitar!
Happy February,

Jeanne said...

I love all that you share darling one.
I love to come to visit.
I leave smiling and happy!
Love you

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
You are so kind! Thank you!
I am happy you leave smiling.
I am happy to share this Blissful Life with you.
Happy February!
Live, laugh and love,

meggie said...

How utterly beautiful!
I have just read your comment about Anoushka Shankar.
As I listened to that music I thought of Ravi, & his beautiful daughter Nora, whose voice is without equal.

Anonymous said...

Ah you must have one helluva cd collection at your house. Love the pictures. Perfect for today because in my area is was a gloomy day with the snow and ice. Only got one poem revised, grr. I'll post it over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sherri, enjoyed the music and pictures. Thank you for creating this wonderful clip.
But I have to admit, Maxi our cat wasn't pleased. He left his box and walked out of my office.
Haven't seen him for a while.
cheers Gisela

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Nora's voice is heavenly! I would love to see her perform.
Seeing Ravi was tremendous. Anoushka and Ravi played together and their sitars "talked" to each other. A concert I will never forget. I was touched to the core.
Glad you enjoyed this slide show.
Happy February,

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
We do have a rather large cd collection. My husband is a music buff. We have all genres too. Recently we have begun to build our movie score section.
Oh good, new poems!
I will pop over on Sunday and see what you have written.
Ice and snow? I hope no damage. Be full of care when you get out. Hope the roads were okay for work.
Happy February,

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
I am so glad you enjoyed this video. I do have lots of fun creating them.
Oh dear, Maxi must not like the sitar! This style of music is very different. LOL.
Have a great weekend.
Happy February,

smilnsigh said...

I too, was away for a few minutes. -happy sigh-

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful video series and I love the music you picked to go with these amazing photos!

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Ragas have a way of taking us away for a few minutes and bringing about a state of calmness.
I like to add deep breathing while I listen. I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when I inhale and exhale and let go of any stress or worries. I can always pick them back up if I want to!
Life is for enjoying but we have to learn how!
Live, laugh and love,

Q said...

Dear Tom,
Thank you. There are about 40 different species of birds that come to the gardens in the Winter. It seems I go through phases. Sometimes I have hundreds of Cardinal photos or Blue Jays. This past week I was taking pictures of the Carolina Wrens.
Glad you enjoyed this series. I respond to the ragas and the sitar.