Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stirring the Embers

I was not sure I had the inner fire to brave the cold.
The birds had plenty of seed. I stood at the backdoor.
I could hear the north wind whistle.
I could see the birds.

I came to my desk and went visiting.
Perhaps you would light my inner fire.

Sue Turner at Tumblewords lit my kindling.
Her poem and watercolor stirred my embers.
I had the energy to bundle up and wrap myself in blankets.
I went outside to my ocean blue skies.

I tucked up on the south side of the deck,
protected from the north winds.
Eleven degrees Fahrenheit, minus twelve Celsius,
the sun added ten degrees and the birds helped me
to forget about the cold.

I seldom see Crows in my backyard.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Woooo you little pioneer woman. It is cold but beautiful today. That wind is awful. Amazing how warm it feels if you aren't in the wind. It isn't quite as cold here today.

I see you had a Crow visit. Nice.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs to you.
It is bitter cold here today.
I made sure all the birds had plenty to eat.............
Love Jeanne ^j^

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Standing at the back door watching the birds come and go is never enough for me. I want to be right outside with them! It was so cold and I was not sure I had the energy for all the bundling and wrapping up! As long as I stay on the south side of the house I can at least be out of the wind. Can't go walking but I can sit and read or write.
When a Crow came in I was so excited! Who would have thought a crow could stir me up?
A wintery mix is coming in. Sleet and snow and bittercold. I am so tired of winter!

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
When everything is frozen I think it must be hard for the birds. Glad to know your birds are well feed. My husband plugged in the water defroster and I cleaned and refilled the water bowl. The birds will want drinks. No bathing until warmer weather.
Hope you are finding fun ways to stay warm. I have been reading, watching movies and writing.
Thanks for hugs. I needed them today.
Hugs back,

cyndy said...

Stopping in~ (by way of Lisa at Greenbow's link)...your photographs of the Crows are breathtaking! I am glad that you braved the cold!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well the wind here roaring through my area right now. Now and then I'm hearing a thud.

Well at least you got to step outside for a bit and see the crows.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such wonderful photos and I love the fact that you got more pictures that I could on this freezing day! I just looked outside and said "sorry it's so cold guys"!

Mary said...

I'm glad you went out there, Sherry. If only for a little while. I find crows to be entertaining! And your Junco is precious.

Stay warm and keep your inner fire lit. Spring is near.


smilnsigh said...

Ohhh, you are more brave than I. Eleven degrees Fahrenheit! Even if you do insist that the sun added ten degrees.... Brrrrrrrrrr...

But I'm glad you got outside. That is what you really wanted to do. :-)


smilnsigh said...

I read that you needed hugs today. I'm a bit late, but I came back to give you some...


Q said...

Dear Cyndy,
In the spring, and sometimes in the summer, a small group of Crows will fly over my house in the morning and again in the evening.
Seeing the Crow was a delight. I am a still far from Spring but Crow made going outside so fun. she landed in my Ash tree for just a minute before taking off.
Watching the Nuthatches was fun too. I was able to get some nice photos of the Red-breasted Nuthatch.
Thank you for coming by. I am looking forward to visiting you!

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I sat outside for over an hour!
Once I am bundled and wrapped I like to make the most of it. My husband brought me out a hot cup of coffee.
We are in the end days of Winter. Another month and Spring will begin. I am looking forward to the ease of the temperatures. This bitter cold is getting to be wearisome.

Q said...

Dear Monarch,
The Red Breasted Nuthatch comes every afternoon. I really am wanting to get a few great photos of him. I thought maybe if I sat outside I would be able to, since the light was just great. As it turned out I did get some nice pictures but all of them are Red Breasted at the feeder cups. I hope Red Breasted will one day be comfortable enough to perch in the Dogwood. I like the pictures of the birds either on the deck or in the trees. Red Breasted is so tiny and cute! Fast little bird too.
when it is so cold I like to make sure all the regulars are getting seed. I have been know to put seed in places I think the little birds will find it and the big birds will not!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
We have a wintery mix coming in today. I knew if I did not get outside it could be a few days before I would. The sun was shining and I just needed the push to bundle up. Sue's poem gave me the desire to do something creative. Her ocean stayed in my mind. Lately my creative adventure has been taking pictures. The sky was so blue that with just a little bit of imagination I could hear the ocean. I just had to go outside and be with the sky.
I will wait for butterflies. When they come again I will be one happy lady!
Until butterflies I will work on "something" to keep the Winter blahs and blues at bay. Even if my something is bundling and wrapping so I can be outside.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nancy,
When I am outside I feel connected.
It was cold, very cold, but there is a certain feeling I cannot get if I am inside. Looking through the window or the door feels as if I am trapped. I have to get out at least for a little while every day. The north wind was keeping me from walking so my best option was to bundle up and brave the cold!
I am glad I did too. It was refreshing. I did get cold after awhile but so fun to download the photos and see what shots I actually was able to get.
Thank you for hugs. I always need hugs! They keep me warm and snug.
Hugs to you too,

Tumblewords: said...

Beautiful photos, Sherry! So glad I stirred your embers - mine are nearly ash. Grin. Stay warm, stirred and happy!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Your poems and your watercolors are inspiring for me! I am grateful! Thank you for being so nice to post them for weary, winter souls like me.
When it is so cold, for so long, I develop, fear of cold. A "what if I get so cold I can never get warm again?" My inner dialogue begins a litany; complaints and what if's, followed with solutions and reasurrance, all will be fine! I just drive myself to distraction!
Thanks again for gifting. If I had not gone outside I would have missed the Crow. I really like Crows.

Marvin said...

That's a wonderful photo of the junco. Sorry you had to brave such cold while taking it.

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
Thank you. I have a passion! Once I get "fired up" I am always pleased I made the effort.
I enjoy being outside and taking pictures. Like any artist I look at my photos and think, "If only the light had been a wee bit softer or brighter or if only the background had been a little darker blue."
Perhaps I am looking for the perfect picture. The capture of the personality of a bird.
If I can show a relationship between me and the bird I am very, very pleased.