Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gathering Seed

From now until frost I will be
gathering seed.

These are the seed from the Peony Bushes.
I want to winter sow them.

These are the seed from the Bright Eyes Cosmos.
I save lots for direct sowing.

They bloom from May until frost.
My seed box is beginning to fill once again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,
Your photos are beautiful and inspirational, as usual.
Tell me what you do with your seed - do you sow them in the spring indoors under grow lights and heated mat? Do you have a greenhouse? Do you have such great soil that you can directly sow them in the ground?
As a beginning seed starter, I'm just curious.

Laura in Chicago

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry.....gathering seed is very calming....I like to watch the seeds fall from their pods.....I have been walking the gardens shaking Poppy and Foxglove seeds where I want them to flower next year........
Your photographs are like pieces of artwork, I love to look at the detail......

Marimoy said...

I think filling my seed bank is the best part of gardening. It's liek a reward for a job well done!

Marimoy said...

... and sorry about the typos!

Q said...

Dear Laura,
Not under lights nor do I have a greenhouse...I sow some of my seeds outdoors in plastic containers with soil and a lid. It is called, "Winter Sowing". There is a web site and a forum that explains how to do it and offfers support! It is very easy....I save the containers my fruit and greens come in. I will do a post about it again. In 2006 I did a couple.
Some seed I direct sow, once the soil warms in the spring, and some seed I sow now. Poppies need the freeze thaw cycles to germinate so any annual poppies I sow now. They also Winter Sow nicely if you want plants.
As I work in a bed, gathering seed is the fun part!
I enjoy getting my seed gathering supplies out too. I find I have seeds drying all over my house, pretty plates of seeds, hope for another spring. My pockets end up filled with seeds too after I walk.
Seed to seed gardening is a favorite of mine.
Thank you for your kind words regarding my pictures. As long as they inspire I am doing my work!
If I can be of any help with seeds let me know...I love seeds.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you. I try.
Gathering seed is fun and relaxing and a wonderful activity that holds depression at bay. As my seed box fills I am filled with the hope of another Spring. I have my envelopes and marking pens and my sizzors in a basket on the dining room table. I just grab my basket when I go out oh, and the camera! Yesterday the light was just wonderful for pictures, cloudy day but not too cloudy!
I can imagine seeing you walking the gardens sprinkling poppy heads..."blessings on the soil"...
Sherry of the seeds

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
Never worry about the typos...your brain is faster than the fingers.
It is the reward! Seed heads are beautiful. Years ago I did seed head arrangements for November decorating. Maybe I will do a couple for this year.
Once the bugs are gone from the woods I could gather seeds.

ICQB said...

Some of my most favorite seed-heads are milkweed pods. I know they're weeds, but for some reason I love them. When I come across them on my walks in the park next door when they are opening, I "help them out" a little. Now there is a good crop of milkweed out there in the wild parts. It makes my heart sing!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Sherry, I am finally back on line. I was ready to resort to snail mail before they finally got to fixing my computer. UGH...

I love seeing your pictures of seeds. I always think seeds look like little works of art. They hold such hope and excitement.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and glorious wishes.......
You always plant seeds of love.

Q said...

Dear icqb,
Mine too. The Monarchs do not know people think their host plant is a weed. I think the milkweed vines are pretty and the milkweed with the pretty orange flowers is a well behaved plant in the flower garden. There is another milkweed I do not grow that has large flower heads...I will be looking for it.
I also help out the seeds! I enjoy watching them float in the breeze.
Ahhh, pretty

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Welcome back to cyberspace!
I missed you.
Seeds are a package of hope.

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you! I do try to plant seeds of hope and love....
also a little something for the birds and the butterflies.

smilnsigh said...

What does 'winter sow' mean, please? To spread Peony seeds, over the snow?

Thank you for your unique suggestion for ripening green tomatoes!

And it sounds as if it would look lovely in the kitchen, while 'doing its magic,' too.

Miss Mari-Nanci

ChrisND said...

That reminds me...I need to get out and start collecting seeds. I haven't done much in the past, but I would like to resow some things next year.

kkryno said...

Hellooo! I haven't stopped by in a while. I'm so glad I did, as you always cheer me up. Fall is definitely in the air here, and it looks like it is in your neck of the woods too. Have a reat day and weekend. Love, Vikki

kkryno said...

Oops! I meant "great" day. Sorry! :)

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Winter Sowing is where you put soil and seed in a large plastic container with a lid and place them outside in the winter. When the seed is ready it will sprout.
I will try the peony seeds just to see if I can sprout them. I do not need any more peonies but I love the experiment. I will winter sow, ws, all sorts of seeds. Come spring I will have plants to put in the gardens. Saved seed is a great way to do this.
The tomatoes, ripening in the jar with the apple, is a very lovely sight. My October green tomatoes will ripen in a week when I do them in the jars. They do seem to ripen all at once too.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I love gathering seed. I want to get some wild thistle seed this Autumn. I would love to grow some in my wildflower garden. The deer keep eating it! I also would like to add some goldenrod to the same area.
I always gather my marigold and zinnia seeds.
Once you start seed gathering I think you will enjoy it. I look forward to seeing the seeds form too. Seed to seed gardening is different but so rewarding.

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
So glad the esaays are uplifting!
Autumn is trying to push Mr. Summer out the door.
I love wearing a sweater and when ever I can I am very pleased!
Never worry about those typos...I add and substract letters all the time!