Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tigers and a Giant

Butterflies fill me with awe
every time I see them.

A male Tiger Swallowtail

and a female Tiger Swallowtail.

The Giant Swallowtail shared in the blooms.

There is room for everyone.
I never weary of the Tigers or the Giant.


Rose said...

The bees and grasshoppers are intriguing, but I do so love your butterflies, Sherry. Two at the same time!
You must be tired from a 3-hour safari! We had a beautiful day here, almost like the beginning of fall; hope your day was as pleasant.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....the butterfly photographs are amazing....I to would be in awe....these delicate, beautiful creatures always captivate and charm me.

Yesterday morning I saw a little wren capture one for breakfast, whilst I know this is nature and accept it......I must be honest my eyes filled with tears as the poor butterfly struggled....sometimes I think my soul is far too sensitive.....

Lovely safari...

Anonymous said...

Great captures. The colors are really amazing.

Q said...

Dear Rose,
I too love the bees but the butterflies make me gasp!!
I am thinking of all the different places a butterfly bush could fit. As the other flowers finish up the Butterfly Bushes are blooming strong. I was so happy to see the two Swallowtails necaring near each other. The Tiger is as big as the Giant!
My legs were tired after hiking but when I saw the Swallowtails come into the backyard I forgot all about being fatigued.
The humidity has dropped and it has been very pleasant outside. We also had the "smell" of Autumn for a little bit. When ever we have easternly breezes I know change is coming.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I do understand! Last year I was setting out all sorts of good tidbits for the Red Admiral butterflies. I enjoyed watching them nectar. One afternoon I watched the male Cardinal catch these butterflies and give them to the female Cardinal. I was pleased for the birds and sad for the butterflies. I think the female Cardinal agreed to be mates! Butterflies would be the finest gift a male could give. Plus he knew where he could could get a couple dozen!
I have also watched as the Praying Mantis lunches on a Skipper. Happy for the Manti; sad for the Skipper.
It is the way of nature. I just happen to love the Butterflies so very much! It is the celebration of life we both feel.

Q said...

Dear Scienceguy 288,
Thanks!I do like to step out the back door and be in butterfly heaven!
I saw a couple of Buckeyes! I will be taking pictures of them this week.

Anonymous said...

I just recently discovered your blog and since I too live in Kansas City, it's been a lot of fun to read what's going on in someone else's garden who could be....who knows... right next door. I know nuthin' 'bout butterflies but yesterday there were so many fluttering in my backyard, I had to to do some research. I learned that there were two different swallowtails in my backyard. I thought a yellow swallowtail was a yellow swallowtail...but you already knew that. I looked at your yesterday's post and we wrote about the same two butterflies on the same day. Ha ha ha.

Too bad about the cicada. I love those little loudmouths. This is the first year that cicada killers have been in my garden. :-( Haven't seen any confrontations and I'm glad about that.

Q said...

Dear Marie,
It is so nice to meet someone who lives just around the Corner! We live in a very interesting area, historically and ecologically. Lots of butterflies and birds!
I hope to come by and read your journal and get to know you better.
On butterfly wings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry. Thanks for the welcome. :-) Yes, we DO live in a very interesting area historically. It was my meeting up with a 1902 schoolhouse out in Linwood that started me on this whole blog adventure two weeks ago. I'm new to this blog business so I'm not sure if my name in my previous post will link to my site it is just in case it didn't...

Your photos are stunning. Mine don't come close. But I'm doing my best with my little camera running around the backyard tripping over overturned pots that my two tortoises are compelled to move around the backyard. That's what goes on in my corner of KC.

I look forward to reading your future posts. :-) And today looks like it is going to be gorgeous.


Q said...

Dear Marie,
I think your little camera is doing a fine job with you taking the pictures.
Thank you for the link to your journal. Name link did not work, no idea why. I have been blogging for a couple of years and still I do not understand the whys and why nots of blogger!
Becoming interested in photography was a natural extention of my gardening with the birds and the butterflies. Once digital came out with the type of camera I wanted I began taking pictures. I take lots of pictures every day. It is fun for me and a wonderful way to share the backyard! I am all about awareness! Not only for the butterflies and the native bees but also the native plants in each of our areas.
Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Barbara said...

You are the perfect butterfly photographer! Your pictures are stunning!

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
Thank you. I guess my love of them comes shining through!