Saturday, February 16, 2008

One, two, twenty, thirty...

I am counting birds today.
Lots and lots of Cardinals.

They are feeding.
Some are singing.
Another storm is coming in.

The Northern Cardinals like to have
their own dishes of food.

Mockingbird likes his raisins.

The Starlings like his raisins too.
When his dish is empty he lets me know!


Cheryl said...

Love it, love glad to see the little starling.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Mocker is squaking. Great photo! I just love action shots.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Mockingbird is very funny. I just get tickled every time he comes to the deck. Such a personality.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Action shots are fun!
Sometimes I need a break from "pretty picture!"

Marie said...

I love all the beautiful birds on your blog! Great photos!

Jayne said...

LOL... love the squawking Mocker! Beautiful visions as always. Hugs to you too!

Anonymous said...

amazing colors with the cardinal and the mocking bird . . wow!

Mary said...

Aren't those Mockers something?!?!

Sherry, I counted more Cardinals today than doves or finches. I'll try two more counts tomorrow at different locations. It was fun.

Your photos continue to get better and better.

Mary said...

Hmmmm. Maybe I'll put out of dish of raisins for the suet hog...

meggie said...

I suppose the birds like the raisins because they are so sweet! I would never think to offer a bird a raisin! We dont feed the birds now, the Rainbow Lorikeets became a bit messy, but it was the rodents who came to dine that stopped us!.

Jeanne said...

Your photographs are so very beautiful and so are YOU~

Q said...

Dear Marie,
There are lots of birds in the backyard every day. This morning, Sunday, it is snowing. Large, beautiful flakes. Great time for bird counting!~
Hopefully a great day to take pictures. The birds look so beautiful.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Mr. Mocker is a fun bird. Has me trained!

Q said...

Dear Tom,
One of the male Cardinals is almost orange. Some have brown in with their red feathers. Getting very close is nice. I like seeing the details of the feathers.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
This has been an amazing year for Cardinals at my house too. I also have more than the Doves or even the Sparrows.
Not one House Finch but lots of Purple Finches. By far the Cardinals are in the highest number. I would try some raisins with your Mockingbird. See if he doesn't go for that. I would put them away from the feeder stations. Good luck and happy counting. It is a nice excuse to be outside with the birds.... I used to tell everyone I was doing research. Sounded important and I was left to the birds during Bird Count. LOL
Have fun,

Anonymous said...

I learned something new. I didn't know any birds ate raisins. But then, I guess they are like the dried berries on the trees.

Great photos!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I think of the raisins as "dried grapes" and it makes sense the berry eating birds would like them.
They are also like frozen berries. Mockingbird goes for the frozen blueberries! The Cardinals like the raisins too as do the Starlings. I am going to look up Rainbow Lorkeets. Their name sounds so pretty. I bet they are beautiful birds. All the birds do seem to make a good mess.
I also would be unhappy if the bird seed drew rodents to the yard. Although I guess I would see mice as Hawk food but I would not want anything bigger than that!

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you!
The birds are gorgeous, all of them, in their own way. I love thinking how birds are all over the world. I think about how humans can learn how to co-exist with the natural world. Habitat destruction does not have to occur. As humans become more respectful towards nature maybe they also will become more respectful towards each other.

Q said...

Dear Sandy,
The birds like all sorts of different food. Nuts, berries and seeds. Corn is a seed. So cracked corn is nice for them, dried fruit as well as frozen. Every year I grow a stand of wheat. I harvest the wheat and use it for Autumn decoration. In the winter I put the sheaves of wheat outside for the birds. They love the seed!
When we think about our gardens as places for growing bird food we can have the beauty of the plant, the flowers and the seed. I am thinking about how sunflowers are such a wonderful garden plant. Butterflies and bees like the flowers as do Humming birds! The seed heads are so nice for the Cardinals. I like sunflower seeds too. I think I am part bird. No wings, darn it!

Chrissie said...

Your little birds are so beautiful, I am pleased they are starting to sing :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I seem to take many pictures of the Cardinals and Mockingbird! I think because I just like them so well and they come up to me.
Hearing the Cardinals now is a joy! I am sure they are dividing the territory up. It is a sign of spring. At least I know spring is not too far away. No crocuses or bees yet.

Barbara said...

How practical when birds are telling you they want to have more food...;-) !! I always have to go to the birdfeeder and look if it is empty...

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
The birds do let me know if they need food or water. Some will peck on the windows if I do not hear their call.
I replenish the feeders every morning. Mockingbird likes his raisins and I have seen the Cardinals and the Starlings eat them. He is very upset if all of his raisins are gone!