Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shrove Tuesday

I awoke when thunder rattled the windows.
Temperatures on the cusp of freezing.

The rain is to change to snow.

I am cozy inside.

It is red beans and rice day
at my house.

Happy Shrove Tuesday.

Happy Pancake Day.

It is a Super Tuesday.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Fat Tuesday to you too.

You have the cold front before we do. It is still 64 here.

Q said...

Good Morning Lisa,
I am still cuddled up in my "Turkish" pink robe this morning! 64 degrees sounds heavenly! Wet and cold at my house. I will dress after awhile and go vote!
The birds have plenty of food. We saw a raccoon on the feeding station night before last. My husband set a live animal trap for him. Relocation is the best. Too many animals are killed on our busy street. I saw a dead deer yesterday on the side of the road, a block from my house. Always sad.
The temperature swings are hard on me. I seem to acclimate quickly to the 60's and slowly to the 30's!
Bundle up when the cold front comes.

Sheila said...

We always called it Pancake Day, as children in the UK. Whatever you call it, enjoy!!
What a lovely colourful post..!

Jeanne said...

We had quite the storm through the night.........Lightening thunder
boom bang..........It woke me up.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Q said...

Dear Shelia,
Happy Pancake Day!
It is a fun day.
I seldom eat pancakes but I do like red beans and rice!
The music is fun too.

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
It has rained all morning. I need to go vote and am waiting for a break!
Stay dry and warm.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! A foggy day here for the most of it with a good dose of rain.


Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Thanks! I needed the brightness of Carnival today. It has rained all day and now the temperatures are dropping. An ice storm is coming with a silly amount of snow on top of that! Oh well, I am inside for a few days. Guess I will do some baking and dance a bit of Mambo, that should keep me warm.
Happy Mardi Gras,

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, how fun! Love your 'always on' Holiday blogs!!

Thanks for the comment on my lavendar poem and picture. That was take in the fall. I'll post a couple of snow pictures - I have more than 4 ft of snow on the ground, and 1/2 foot forecast for tonight. I'm so dreaming spring!!

Mary said...

What a happy post, Sherry! Oooooo. I want pancakes - unfortunately, they're not in my house! Got the red beans and rice, though :o)

Stay cheery and bright, just like this post.

We need to celebrate "something" during these doldrums.

You are so inspiring to those who need inspiration.


Q said...

Dear Sue,
Although we are not excess people we do have some great music and we do dance around a bit! I do not actually "do Lent" but I honor those that do. The colors of Madi Gras do not work in my February house either. I have a wee bit in one room.
After reading your lavender poem I went downstairs and brought up a basket of lavender I had harvested last year. Just a small harvest. I will "process" the blooms and make some lavender syrup and some tea. Working with the lavender will bring the promise of spring even closer. Thank you for the inspiration and the poem.
You have lots of snow! My goodness. It was sleeting earlier this evening and now it is snowing. We get inches not feet. Be careful. Four feet of snow is more than I can even imagine.
Looking forward to pictures.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Lots of celebrations this month.
We do not have pancakes here either but red beans and rice was tasty.
We have Chinese New Year coming up on Thursday. I will do some sort of stir fry. Lots of indoor fun.
If the sun comes out I might venture forth a little bit. I felt so sorry for the birds today. They had their breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack in the pouring, cold rain. Dinner in sleet! They looked rather cold. I will need to put out fresh suet tomorrow. I think they cleaned out two holders today. The raccoons are eating well. My husband trapped a huge one last night. He thought it was every bit 18 pounds. The catch and release program continues all year long. The deer so far have stayed out of the bird seed.
Having fun is my "motto" for 2008. Figuring out ways to do so is part of the fun. Now if I had a micro lens I would be having big fun. Maybe my Valentine will be a new lens! Hummm...I can always bake cookies and see if I can influence a purchase at the camera shop. I would rather a new lens over a bracelet and a box of chocolates. Flowers I need to stay somewhat sane.
Smile, eat rice and boggie until Spring arrives!

Marvin said...

We had quite a "celebration" around our house this afternoon. Mother Nature was really rocking and rolling for a while. Now the weather is calm and the temperature is falling fast. I should not complain. The storms intensified to our east where many people were killed or injured. We were safe.

Q said...

Dear Marvin,
Thank you for letting me know about the troubles east of you. I seldom turn on any news but I did this morning because of your comment. Blessings to all of the people hurt by the winds. Tornadoes can be deadly. I am thinking of the sorrows so many people are experiencing this morning.
Sleet turned to snow last night and it is still snowing this morning. I am waiting for daybreak to see how much.
Not very much traffic so we could have a "snow day" for the kids. It is a "snow day" for me.
I will listen to the radio and see if they talk about the weather or if it is all Super Tuesday chatter.
Stay warm,

Deb said...

Happy Shrove Tuesday Sherry.
What a lovely colourful post!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Thank you.
Carnival is colorful! A bit over the top for me but I found a way we can have fun with it.