Sunday, September 09, 2007

Butterfly Time

I walked about the yard.

Each stand of flowers has their butterflies.
Some are resting; some are feeding.

I turned the camera off.
I watched the butterflies.
I cherish this time.
I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

I think your swallow tail shot is great but the monarch's are perfect on the flower! BRAVO

Mary said...

I turned my camera off today, too, just as two nuthatches and two chickadees landed 5 feet before my eyes. I was afraid to move! LOL!

It was nice.

Your butterflies are beautiful, as usual.

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
I really liked the series of photos of the butterflies on the sunflowers. Lots of Monarchs and I saw four Giant Swallowtails in the zinnias. The butterflies will leave come the middle of October. We have first frost about that time. Some of the wintering over butterflies, Question Marks and Commas, will come out in the winter if the days are warm.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Sometimes we have to just enjoy the beauty all around us and not take its picture! My husband and I were working in the yard when all sorts of Giant Swallowtails and Tigers and Monarchs were feeding. We watched a Red Spotted Purple too. At one point my husband said, "You better go get your camera." I did and took another series of butterfly photos. Maybe this winter I will print note cards or something. I have lots of butterfly photos...
When I sit quietly on the deck the birds forget I am there and come right up.
I like that closeness.