Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank you

The wind is gusting.
Thundershowers are in the forecast.

I am saying, "thank you".
I know the days of Swallowtails
are coming to an end.

The female black Tiger Swallowtail
has delighted me all summer.
I am grateful.
I have learned all things are possible.


Anonymous said...

You should present your pictures to an editor!! They are stunning!

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
Thank you!
I will miss these honeys...
I am rather accustomed to going outside and having the buttterflies about.
The female black Tiger Swallowtail is my favorite butterfly. I take her photo all the time. She is used to me. There are more than one too. Today two are nectaring in the zinnias.

Anonymous said...

Ah I know that feeling. The hummingbirds are starting to go now. All the deer now, are putting on their winters coats. My walking after supper is pretty much done for the year. As for the leaves, they are getting slowly getting more colorful.


Q said...

Dear Cathy,
It was most enjoyable being with the Giant Swallowtails today. I also was vey pleased to spend time watching the Tigers. They are so very beautiful. If I can I would like to spend one on one time with all the different varities that come to the gardens.
I will miss the Hummingbirds too!
They are so sweet and joyful.
I do have deer that come into the yard. I seldom see them but they eat all sorts of garden plants. My sunflowers must have been very tasty!

Mary said...


They have to leave but they won't forget you. Next spring will be glorious in your yard!


Mary said...

I agree with Barbara...

Sprite said...


Oh Sherry,

I know how much you will miss your butterflies, and hummingbirds. We should make butterflies out of lace paper and hang them on pretty strings from the ceiling.

Are you still going to invite Female Black Swallowtail in for winter?

Maybe the slide shows will tide you over, and you will so look forward to spring.

I'll be here...

Love you beyond the moon,


Q said...

Dear Mary,
If all goes well I should have some nice Swallowtail habitat next year. I did rather well this year considering April's freeze took so many plants.
I will depend on the birds once the butterflies leave. I love them too.
We will both miss the Hummers!!!
I could publish....
I bet my husband would enjoy the checks in the bank account...
Let's see, "Backyard Butterflies in the Mid-West"? I could write about host and nectar plants and have pictures.
Maybe this winter, when I am lonely for them, I will put together something. Until then I will keep taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

O my, these are such amazing photos of these swallowtails!! Keep up the wonderful pictures! BRAVO

Naturegirl said...

You step outside and you see these miracles ..I have had many tease me dancing about my garden..but alas I am able to capture ~the dance~ finally!
Glorious magical photos!
dancing with the wings..NG

Jayne said...

So very beautiful Sherry!

smilnsigh said...

Letting you know I read this. But my "Commenting Muse" seems to have left me. -sigh-

But I still want you to know, that I did stop by.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

All things are possible aren't they? Sherry, I hope you have a beautiful day, for you bring such happiness with your photos. xoxo nita

Chrissie said...

I have enjoyed looking at your butterflies all summer :-)

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Paper butterflies do sound lovely!
I do not know if it is a good idea to have butterflies in the house. I really cannot provide the right kind of nectar for them. I could do sugar water but it is not very good for them. I don't know. Come frost time I will see. If the Tigers migrate than I really should wave goodbye. I need to learn more about the Swallowtails.
I will depend on your sweet, joyful ways this winter. I hope to be outside lots with the birds. Maybe I will do slide shows on Walking in Beauty of walks in the woods or in the cemetery. If I stay creative the winter passes faster.
Thank you for your continued support and kindness.
Love you too.
Beyond the Moon and over every rainbow,

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Thank you. As long as the butterflies are here I hope to take their photos. I still love all the birds but I figure most of them will be here over the Winter and I will be back taking their pictures. How long the butterflies remain depends on the weather. Highs in the 80s for the rest of the week means butterflies!

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
Sometimes the butterflies are skittish. I notice if I just sit quiely in a group of flowers they forget about me. The Swallowtails seem to like enmass flowers, like a hedge of zinnias or Marigolds.
so glad they are dancing all around you too.
On butterflywings,

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
She is exquisite! Ahhh...

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Sometimes they are just pretty pictures! Hope you enjoyed them.
If you had a smile than I am pleased. Life is full of trials and burdens. Here we take a break, relax and laugh. No worries. Just a calm reminder that earth is a beautiful place.
Thank you for stopping by.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Thank you. The black form of the female Tiger Swallowtail is considered uncommon. It pleases me that here, in my backyard, the gene is carried forward into the next generation. I also am very pleased to have the Tigers now as a colony. As I work on the habitat I hope to have many different colonies. I also am working on the needs of the birds. It seems as if it is good for the butterflies it is also good for the birds. I know it is good for me.
Sometimes I say, "I believe help, my disbelief". Although I lost many plants in April and was very sad, I learned to keep trying. The butterflies helped me find my new way. I am very grateful.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I am so glad you have enjoyed them this past summer. I will move to birds soon. The leaves will fall and once again the birds will be easier to photograph. My gardening has changed this year. I did get 120 Anemone corns to plant this Fall. I hope to put them in the flower bed the new Spice Bushes are in. These are for you!

Chrissie said...

Dear Q! I hope your anemones will grow straight and tall. I love them all, they are so graceful in the breeze. Ours are just beginning to fade but I just want to photograph them all the time! I am honoured! Here's to a great autumn full of birds, wildlife, leaves and beautiful photos :-). {{hug}}

Q said...

Dear Chris,
You touched my heart so very much when you named the August Full Moon, "The Amenone Full Moon".
I was going to plant the corns near the Spice Bushes but I think they will do better in the back yard. Perhaps I can slip them in with the poppies. The English Daisies are in that bed too.
My "Chris" garden.