Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Pair

I watched as two pair
of Tiger Swallowtails danced.

September mating brings

October larva.
The pupa will winter-over.
Come next April the adults will emerge from the chrysalis.
They will have Lilac blooms for nectar.


Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

Your photos are very beautiful! They have changed somehow, since your holiday and your new camera. There is a sense of oneness with subject, closeness perhaps. The color seems different - deeper, richer. The light seems perfect. As though your butterflies have come to your sacred garden studio just to have some sweet nectar and a sitting.

I can't explain it, they are so elegant and extraordinary. The photos are in such a beautiful setting, not more so than before; just the way you capture the butterflies on the colorful flowers. There is a sense of slowing down, time between heart beats, centering. I know it's not just the new camera, it's you. Akin to a flowing stream, very slow and steady, cool and refreshing. Not too far from the winds of autumn, as we all begin to slow the pace of life.

It's wonderful, just wonderful.

I am very much enjoying the sense of peace you bring to your artistry.

Thank you for continuing to share so much with us.

Much Love,


Q said...

My Dear Sprite,
I am doing an inner spiral when I grab the camera now! I did not know you would be able to see this! It is a centering and a quieting of the body technique I learned in yoga. When I stand with my camera I do an outter spiral so I am balanced. Like the Heron! These two ways bring the center of gravity a little bit lower in my body. I am leading with my heart not my head. This gives me the best posture for photos.
Wow, you are good!
I also am working on the understory. This came from the Forest. I am looking at how everything in life is interdependent. Including me! Thus I see the background of each shot and how the butterfly wing's change color as they reflect and absorb the light. I watched an Orange Sulpher change to pale green and back to yellow as she went along the flowers. I also change depending on the light. I am aware of my shadow and my angle of reflection. To remove the photographer is impossible so I am working on blending in with the enviroment.
I am aware of how much I am affected by my own understory. I am aware of how background sounds can effect the way my body moves. I am still as I spend time in the yard. I am working on finding ways to let the noise of the city become a melody of peace. My neighbor's house alarm went off around 9am and continued until 8pm tonight. Good opportunity for me to work on this! My thinking also affects my photos. Thus I am clearning my mind so all I "know" is the subject. I am really learning how it is to be one. Today when I let go of my own inner chatter thoughts it felt as if I was the butterfly. I hope that came across.
You amaze me with your intutive knowings. I had wanted to take the photography to another level. I like pretty pictures that tell a story. Now I am hoping to tell more than one story at a time,
the outter-story, the inner-story and the under-storey.
Thank you. Sharing this learning process is a true gift to me. I like being in communion... I like sharing the journey.

smilnsigh said...

Yes, as usual, your photos are lovely!

And thank you for the info on the fact that the pupa will survive the winter. All this time and I never really know the life cycle of butterflies.

We can learn something new, all the time! :-)


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
The Eastern Tiger Swallowtails's pupa can over winter. Othe species have different ways of serviving. The Mourning Cloak hibernates as an adult and can overwinter in tempersatures as low as -50 degress F! Sometimes if the weather warms up around my house in January the Mourning Cloaks will come out for some sunshine and some food. I am hoping to do butterflies all winter this year. I will set out bananas if the temps warm up.
Like the birds some butterflies migrate some stay.
There is so much to learn! As I build my butterfly and bird habitat
I hope to learn about each species that could possibly come into my yard. I would like to be able to provide at least the food they need.

Mary said...


I have five minutes to scroll through your posts. It makes a big difference in the way I feel.

Is your new camera a new best friend?


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Dear Sherry, there would be no better nectar than Lilac nectar. Lilacs are so wonderful. They remind me of my Grandma. She loved them and her backporch was surrounded with them. I use to hide in them, and sometimes fell asleep among their heavy branches that were loaded down with blooms. xoxo nita

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I try not to write too much on posts! Hope the photos brought a calm to your day.
I am getting along just fine with new camera. I still can use old camera. I have her set up with a landscape lens and batteries and such. I am very happy with new camera.
Don't over work getting ready for company. They will be happy just to see you and your husband and your sweet pups.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
The memories we hold of special safe moments bring joy to me. "In the Lilacs with Grandma" sounds as if you remember a piece of Heaven here on Earth. I am so honored you shared that memory. Now when I see the Lilacs I will think of you, safe and resting.

Sherry said...

I watched the swallowtails dance today in my yard also, they are so pretty. Mary from "Mary's View" suggested I visit your blog, and I'm so glad she did! Your photos truly are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.

Q said...

Dear Terra Incognita,
The Tiger Swallowtails are so amazing! I was excited to see you also took photos of the ones in your backyard. Great photos too!
Mary is wonderful! So nice of her to introduce us. I am looking forward to visiting you and getting to know your area of the country. Being so near a forest must be ever so delightful.