Sunday, September 02, 2007

Drinks for everyone!

It is dry outside.
I am watering the flower beds.
A pair of Red-spotted Purples came to a bird bath in search of water.
I watched as they drank.
I have small puddlers set up for the butterflies.
I have rotting bananas set out as well.
I could get used to butterflies on birdbaths.


Mary said...


The Red-Spotted Purples are so pretty! Cute to see them on the birdbath. I've never seen butterflies drink here but I imagine they land on lilipads and sip when I'm not looking.


PAT said...

It's wonderful to have you home again, Sherry! I've missed your gorgeous photos!


Q said...

Dear Mary,
I so enjoyed watching the Red-spotted Purples drink. I do see the butterflies on puddlers but I never get to actually see them drink. I bet the butterflies do drink off the lilipads in your gorgeous pond! The butterflies are tricky about doing all sorts of things while we are folding laundry!
Butterfly wings and bird songs,

Q said...

Dear Pat,
I am on my way to your journal to see where you have been. You go on so many wonderful weekend outings! I think I will be home for awhile now. I just want to see my birds and butterflies! I do have lots of weeding to do too. The gardens got away from me this summer. The weather should cool down soon so I can get outside and get all dirty.

Naturegirl said...

Welcome home my dear friend!!
It is always a JOY to visit and see the angel wings here!! I never see mine by the birdbaths!! You must be the ~Queen~ and that's why they dance near you around and by your camera!!

I have in-laws in Victoria!! I am sure you enjoyed viewing the many ~English Gardens~ in and around the island!! hugs NG

Q said...

Dear NG,
It is good to be home! Vicoria, BC, is lovely. Lots of flowers and trees and fine food! Our time in the city was limited as we were hiking and sightseeing on the Island. I did do some shopping and high tea. I like high tea!
I will post more of our trip as the days go by.
I missed you too. The butterflies here know me! I am the water lady I think until Mother Nature sends rains again. I hope they come soon!

Chrissie said...

I have never seen a butterfly visit a bird bath :-) Lovely photos, Q!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I had never seen a butterfly on a bird bath before either! It was so cool to watch as they drank. I do think the butterflies on the edge of the bowl is very pretty. Like those pot sitters I see in the gift shops only real!
Sherry, who is back taking pictures in her own backyard