Friday, September 21, 2007

International Peace Day


Mary said...

Peace to you, Sherry!

Chrissie said...

I wish for peace too. In your cloud pic, when enlarged, I see a dove with its wings spread wide. Beautiful photos, Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Peace day to you also! Love the photos and mostly the Monarch and Swallowtail shot! BRAVO!

Sprite said...


May we all be at peace with ourselves and the world.

Thank you for sharing this event, with such beautiful photos. There is a feeling of tranquility within every photo you shared in this post.



Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you.
I hold the thought of peace. I know our world can be a peaceful place. Many are gathering and crying out for peace.
So be it!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I also saw a dove in the clouds!
I am so happy you did too.
If we can "see" peace than surely it will be real.
Thank you, it is a beautiful world!

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Peaceful, easy feeling....
If the butterflies can get along why can't the humans???
I watch them share the nectar...
There is more than enough to go around.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I had hoped these pictures would show how, in a simple, way peace is all around us.
Being at peace inside ourselves opens the door to being at peace with our neighbors.
I was pleased the International Day of Peace and Day of Atonement were celebrated on the same day this year. For me it is an inside-outside sort of balance.
Peace be with you and in our world,