Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good Morning

We had a trace of rain in the early morning.

The skies are cloudy.
I love cloudy days.

Slowly, I am getting September decorations out of the bins.
Slowly, I am getting back to my routine.
Slowly, I am preparing for Autumn.
It is apple time.


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love blue morning glories!! Thanks posting it. Can't have them here, they'll become deer food

Q said...

Hi Cathy,
My son gave me these seeds last year and I grew them and saved the seeds. I hope to do the same again this year. They are a pretty blue. I am thinking about growing a blue garden with the Heavenly Blue Morning glories as a center focal point. Just not sure where this garden will be yet. I still see grass in the front yard. Looks to me like a good place to put in another flower bed. My husband may have other ides.
Deer do like them I have been told. The deer around here seem to go for my sunflowers and green beans and peas!

Tumblewords: said...

Nice to have you back and posting such beautiful photos - I used to have morning glories but they left - I'm not a gardener...sigh.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

When you said it's apple time, a light went on in my little head. Applesauce making time. I am going to make some applesauce and apple pie filling for winter. xo nita

dmmgmfm said...

OH how lovely! Thank you for sharing.

Jayne said...

How exquisite, your morning glories! That blue is just something I could stare at forever. Mmmm.... fall apples. ;c)

Deb said...

I love the Morning Glory Sherry ~ ours have self seeded and this morning we noticed that the dark purple blooms we had yesterday have been replaced with a lovely pink shade (similar to yours) :-} They cover our arbour and are the first thing I see when I leave in the morning.

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
It is good to be home. I seem to be very tired still.
The morning glories self sow here. I have some concern as I have many vines of them. I could be in Morning Glory heaven come next year.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
How fun it will be to make applesauce! My apple tree was killed by an ice storm many years ago. I will go to the Apple Orchard and pick up some apples and cidar. When my children were little we would go pick apples in the orchards. Now I buy a half bushel and make baked apples. Apple pie is so yummy...
Yes, it is apple time again.

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
The Morning glories are so pretty.
I watched a Hummingbird draw nectar from them this morning. Lots of butterflies like them too.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Apples... I hope soon my husband and will get to the orchards. I have apples about as a September motif. I just love everything about them.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
The morning glories are just that, glorious! Mine self seed too. I still save some seed just in case. With so many birds in the yard I could lose them. This year I really over did the sowing. With volunteers and sowing I have too many vines I think. Some are growing on the wind harp! I will have to cut them down soon and pull out any that come back.
How lovely you see them in the morning too. We may be many hundreds of miles away from each other but we are connected!