Thursday, September 13, 2007

Middle Name Game

A is for Artist
N is for Naturalist
N is for Nurturing

Kate from French Nest tagged me to play the Middle Name Game.
She explains the game so very well. Thank you Kate.

My middle name is Ann. I was named after my paternal Grandmother.
She was also my Godmother.
I am proud to carry her middle name.

I am asked to "tag" one person for each letter of my name.

Chris at Notes From A Somerset Garden
I would enjoy learning more about my friend in England.

Mary at Mary's View.
Mary is funny and kind. She is rather busy with cobwebs and dogs right now. Maybe she will play when it rains.

Jayne at Journey through Grace .
She is a wonderful Mom and birder.


Deb said...

ANN ~ what a beautiful middle name ... it's MINE too :-}
I love the meaning you gave to ANN... it describes how I invision you perfectly.

Mary said...

Sherry! LOL! I hide my middle name. It's odd. I'll play in a few days if I can find the courage.


Q said...

Dear Deb,
How delightful we share middle names! We share much!
This really was rather difficult for me. My husband thought I should say my "A" represents me being animated. Many people have said so but I always think it means I am a cartoon. I really am a real person. Perhaps a wee bit unusual but still I am real.
I do live an artfull way so I took the nameing plunge and said my "A" was me as an artist. This is big. I claimed the Artist card....
Here I am with my friends disclosing all this! I blush....

Q said...

Dear Mary,
LOL! I claimed to be an artist!! That is funny.
I love you, middle name and all. No worries, all of your friends here and at Mary's View will love your middle name. I bet it has ancient magical powers if evoked. Maybe you will be able to call in rain!
(I am reading Harry Potter).

Jayne said...

Fun Sherry! I'll be sure to play as well. Mine is fairly common actually. ;c)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I noticed my middle name ends in n as does yours. And we both have similiar things for the n. I take care of those around me too. I have always liked the name Ann.
xo nita

PAT said...

Hello Sherry! We share a middle name. Ann is also my daughter's middle name.


Chrissie said...

Hello Sherry, thanks for tagging me, I will think about it. I don't have a nice short name like you though :-) I may need to take up a lot of space :-). Plus you have done yours so elegantly! Like Mary, it's a name I always hid as a child so you will have to wait and see LOL :-)

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
These nemes are fun. I look forward to seeing your "Middle Name Game" post. It is always fun to get to know each other a little bit more. I feel as if all of you are my friends.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
You are an excellent care giver too! Who is taking care of you???
So often our needs get pushed to the back burner.
I used to think Sherry Ann sounded very "Southern". I do seem to have a wee bit of a drawl...
Hugs and Smiles,

Q said...

Dear Pat,
It is a joy to know we have middle name connect! I bet we have many things in common. You like antiques and I was an antique dealer for a few years. Talk about work! Caring for the old things is all part of it too.
Autumn joy,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Never you worry! I would understand if Middle Name Game is not fun for you. Do what is comfortable. Kate, @ French Nest, said we could make up middle names if we wanted to. I always wanted a mysterious name..something romatic and full of meaning. Once I realized I was named after my beloved Grandmother I loved my middle name.
Thank you! Now that I wear my mocs all the time I feel less elegant and more like a deer in the woods.
"Silently she approaches, camera at the ready...."

Sprite said...


Hey Sherry Ann, what's your name now can anybody play? Hey Sherry Ann...

I love that song. Okay now you'll have that in your head for a while.



Q said...

Dear Spritezy,
LOL!! I am singing.. Oh yes,anyone can play.
I am hoping for some rain. I would love to sing in the rain.