Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday

This is your day.
This is your story.
Dance and sing.
Let your light shine.
Show your colors.
Dry your wings.
Taste the sweet nectar of life.
For you are joy!
You are loved.

We are celebrating.
We love you son.
Mum and Dad.


Deb said...

The perfect birthday "card" to celebrate your son's special day.
Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to him.

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful way to wish someone happy birthday! I also love the monarch photo!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Our son is traveling for his birthday. I do miss not spending his special day with him. Hope he is having fun.
He gave me the seed for the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories.

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
LOL! I thought you would enjoy the Monarch. When they first emerge they are so bright. I enjoy watching them dry their wings.
Have your Monarchs started to migrate? I am watching the skies too for the birds to come through.

Mary said...

I would like to wish you son a Happy Birthday, too! This is a loving greeting, Sherry.

Happy Birthday, Sherry & Mike's son!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you! He is 32 years old today! He was born at 9:16 on 9/16.
Lucky boy, lucky parents!

Sprite said...


Happy Birthday to your precious son. Your tribute is so full of love, color and wonderful wishes to him. May he enjoy his 32nd birthday.

Many Many Blessings,


Naturegirl said...

Beautiful birthday message to the
~son-shine~ in your life!!hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you for sending him blessings. We are proud of him. He has had much sorrow. It has been good to hear him laugh while he was here.

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I love, "son-shine" he is too! He is bright and fun and happy.
Thank you.
I shall call him that.