Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Monarch Moon

New Monarch Moon
is today.

We celebrate the migration
of the Monarch Butterfly.

May they have safe travel.
May they find food along the way.
May there be milkweed for their larva.

Happy Monarch New Moon.


Mary said...

Your camera rocks, but not more than You!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Mother Nature has rocks too! Very cool rocks I might add.
Thank you, you are so kind. I can still stand up amd wiggle, my jumping and hopping days are over. I can do a mighty twist tho! And I know how to shimmy.....
I used to do a nice Swing and once in awhile, I will rock and roll...Cha-cha is nice as is a Fox Trot. I am in mocs now and it is different than those high heels and short swing skirts. LOL!
Butterfly dances are what I do the best these days.