Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back in the dirt

The Rosemary was calling to me.
The garden path was covered in weeds.
I began digging them out.

Once I uncoverd a small area I saw the Praying Mantis.
I have been looking for the Mantis.
I had looked in the ivy and on the zinnias.

I am happy to see the Mantis.
I do love them.
Friend of the gardener, ancient insect.
I turned my head when the Mantis went on
and a Black Swallowtail flew in.

I am back in the dirt.
I am back gardening.
I can hear the plants call again.


Catherine said...

Great shots of the praying mantis..they are wonderful creatures,aren't they! And the black swallowtail looks lovely against your beautiful red zinnias!! It's great to get back in the dirt,back in the garden, & here the plants calling! Makes me want to go weed my garden needs it badly!!

Great post Q,

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

The hummingbird in the Zennia thrills my heart. I saw a hummingbird after the Morning Glories today, such wonderfullness. xoxo Nita

Q said...

Dear Catherine,
Thank you. I have not been doing very much in the gardens this summer. After the April freeze killed so many of my plants I have struggled. I have kept the front beds up and have replanted in them. The back yard went wild. I thought the rosemary hedge died but a small amount did survive. I have left it alone until today. Getting the weeds out and seeing how lovely the rosemary is was very exciting. Hearing her call again was divine. Seeing the Mantis was my reward for going into the "wild" and gaining control again. When my husband came home from work he started to help me. Manti came to the Rosemary and perched up while I weeded the Rosemary bed. My husband took a few photos of me and the Rosemary and Mantis. Spending time with the Rosemary and the Mantis was a perfect end of summer for me.
Happy Autumn gardening.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Thank you! She is so joyful...
I am so happy you saw a Hummingbird nectaring in Morning Glories. That makes me smile...
Knowing you are having joyfilled times makes me feel happy.

Sprite said...


Hello Praying Mantis!

I am so happy that your Rosemary lives on, and that you were drawn there today. The gift of communion with Mantis is wonderful, and I know how much Black Swallowtail means to you too.

Sounds like you had a very nice day!



Jayne said...

Cool mantis! Beautiful swallowtail. The joy you feel being back in the garden radiates from your posts. :c)

Sheila said...

Such wonderful colour in your photos..!
We have had lots of mantises (?) this year, it has been hot and dry, perhaps that is good for them..?

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Oh I just love the Mantis!
I have been looking all over the yard for the Mantis. I heard Rosemary two times yesterday! Hearing the plants again is such a joy. I thought my connection with the plants was over. I thought maybe the plants were only for the birds and butterflies. Having them speak again to me is so wonderful. I have missed their sweet voices.
I heard other plants call out today. The lavender, my special plant, called. I stroked her leaves and looked at many of her second blooms.
I will harvest some Rosemary and some Lavender on full Harvest Moon Day!
I did habe a joyfilled last day of summer.
Love you,

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Oh, I am so grateful you can feel my joy! Words and pictures do not always communicate the feelings. I am glad this one did. I am beyond joyfull. I have missed "knowing" my plants. I have missed the dirt.
I have missed sitting near the herbs and touching them. I cut some basil for the kitchen and had a lavender snack while I was weeding the rosemary.
Being back surrounded by my plants is being back being who I am, a plant person.
Sherry ( I still love the birds and the bugs!)

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I do not know if they like hot and dry or wet and cool. I do know they like bugs. I have watched a Mantis eat a Skipper before!
Why I had not seen any in my gardens this past summer could be because they were hidden in all the weeds! Now that I am weeding and tiding up maybe I will see more.
I love them.
I seem to love all the creatures!!!