Sunday, September 16, 2007

Inbetween Showers

I am playing today.


Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

I think we need to talk about all the playing you are doing :o) Pardon my ignorance, but who is the bird with the blue breast?

Lovely collage. You are burning the blogland, girl!


Q said...

Dear Mary,
It's all play! I play laundry too.
That sweet sparrow has a "wet blue" breast! The light was so incredible today, cloudy skies and off and on rain. I loved every minute if it!
I wanted to do a collage for some time now just did not get to it until today. A nice way to post nine photos at once.
I hope to get back to doing some "artfilled" living and daytime walking with the camera.
So much fun to be had!

Sprite said...


Oh I just love this collage Sherry! I've been wondering when you were going to do some of these, they are so pretty and colorful.

Today was a wonderful day, the sky was so interesting.

Today, I notice ~ color is really impressing me and important to me.

Much Love,


Jayne said...

Spectacular montage Sherry!

Naturegirl said...

Thank you for sharing your play time with us! It is always a Joy to come by and see beautidul wings! hugs NG

Chrissie said...

It's always fun to play :-). Lovely collage!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
While I was downloading photos yesterday I had the idea of doing the collage. I also am looking at colors! I seem to be drawn to the blues and yellows lately.
Autumn is the seson of color as the leaves begin to change.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Thank you. I am learning how to do all sorts of "posts".

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I am looking forward to your post with butterflies and Anniversary dinner. I could live in a butterfly conservatory.
On butterfly wings,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I do like to play. I just heard the dryer go off so now I need to play "change the sheets game!"
After that I will roam the yard... I am on the look out for a Spicebush Swallowtail.
Have fun every day,