Wednesday, October 03, 2007


After my pedicure today
I went looking for mums.

These were for me.
Butterflies do not seem
to go for them.

They seem to like the Butterfly bush.
I only found two mums today that would work in my pots.
I will go a'mumming again tomorrow.
The owl planter on the deck needs a mum and the pumpkin basket on the hearth is empty. I will not plant these mums out in the gardens. They do not grow well in my area. They are not good for the butterflies.
These mums are just for October.
These mums are just for me.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I love Mums! I like mixing yellow and marroon together. Great pictures of the butterflies. xo Nita

Mary said...


I love Mums. I plant them every year but up north the ice usually kills their roots and down here, they didn't come back from last year. I wonder why? Could it be the roots dried up in the drought.

I wish I had your time for a pedicure and photographing those beautiful butterflies! Keep enjoying going a-mumming. I'm enjoying your decorations!

This evening it's very dark and cloudy. It was 90 today. Only a chance of rain, though. Three brown headed nuthatches landed on the peanuts, right in front of my face. No camera. Later, I took a few photos but it was too dark. It was nice to see anyway!

Q said...

Dear Nita,
I do too! They just say Autumn to me!
I was not going to do any more mums since I lost so many of them last spring. Deciding to have a few pots about inside and outside was me connecting just to the flowers. I shall treat these new plants as annuals. So many of my mums died this past spring. Some in the yard did make it, my favorite ones, the orange mums, are in full bloom and looking very nice. One of the oldest plants I have is a yellow mum. It also came through and is just about to open.
The butterflies are so very beautiful. I will miss them once frost comes.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Mums are so pretty. At my house mums "heave" if we get a mid-winter warm up. I do not trim them back until spring so sometimes some come back just fine. This past April my mums had all come back and were getting rather large. I had trimed them and had already begun pinching them when the terrible freeze came. Yours could have dried up for sure. I think mums do require a lot of water!
I was in need of a pedi! Toenails needed trimming and all of that.
I do my house every month. Lately, since April, I have not been very excited about decorating. I do it but that, "WOW, this is so fun" has been missing. October's decorating brought back the "WOW!"
I am enjoying being creative again.
The butterflies are entertaining me so very much. I will be missing them. I have not seen any different birds lately. I have set up another seed feeder, fingers crossed some migrating ones find my city feeding station. I have never seen brown headed nuthatches! How exciting. I so understand being outside with out the camera. I just cannot have it around my neck every time I step outside! It is enough you saw the darlings. Once they know where the good nuts are they will be back.
Oh, Mary I so want rain for you. 90 degrees is just too hot for October!
If you get a chance to look in my archives you can see the "heads" I have out with their candles lit. It looks really cool!
Decarating for Halloween and October is the best.
I will keep decorating too. More mums tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Aww, a monarch! Nothing better than on some mums!

Saucy said...


I also enjoy mums in the autumn. I had lots of them planted at my old house and wondered how they were faring today. Your photos made me happy.


Sprite said...


A pedicure is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. I'm so happy you bought some mums, just for you.


Anonymous said...

I agree Mums are beautiful and they just scream fall to me.

I have noticed that bugs like the mums that look more like a daisy. They congregate on them like they know they are the last bloomin hurrah in my garden.

Lisa at Greenbow

Q said...

Hey Mon@rach,
Monarchs and mums go together like toast and jam! Always delicious!
Lots of Monarchs again today.
I was out running errands and I saw many flying south too.

Q said...

Dear Sasha,
Maybe you can get a few new mums for new house? They are so very Octoberish.
After Thanksgiving, for you next Monday, will you do up the house and gardens for Halloween?
I bet you will have trick-or-treaters.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
It was such a big event, buying mums just for me to enjoy!
I have very little company any more and for the most part it is just me and my husband. I seem to entertain and be entertained by the butterflies and the birds. Still I like flowers about so I am back to flowers and flame...every tabletop has a flower and it's candle.
I had my facial done today. I have been looking for a new spa and I think I am happy with where I went.
I enjoyed the manicure and pedicure. Will go back for sure.
These services are part of how I take care of me. Seasonal treats....

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I will try and find some of the type of mums you discribed. I have seen them. Years ago I grew spider mums. They are not popular anymore as garden plants so the nurseries do not carry them. I shall look about for daisy mums when I go a'mumming again.

Catherine said...

Love the shot of the two butterflies on the same buddliah flower :)
The mums are beautiful!!