Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Motif

Each morning I am looking
for toadstools and mushrooms.

I had asked for a new motif.
Mother Nature provided.
The colors are perfect for October.

The bio-diversity in the yard
is pretty.

I also check the traps.

This is our third Raccoon.
My husband relocates them.
Raccoons are new this year to our backyard.


Chrissie said...

Hello Q, the raccoon looks cute but I guess they do a lot of damage! Thank you for your nice words on my blog :-) It is exciting, I just hope I don't fall flat on my face :-) Have a great weekend!

Naturegirl said...

Three racoons come up to our kitchen doors every night and every morning..they just sit and stare and Babie stares back!! A ~kodak~ moment but I never have the camera handi! Perhaps one day I will have the luck! I know these visitors are not welcome to our backyards but I do feel sorry for them in that we have moved into their territory with urban renewal..

The toadstools a sure sign of the fairies presence! Listen you may hear their tiny wings fluttering!I must get my strength back and investigate my secret garden!!
Have a happy weekend! hugs NG

Mary said...

We have had raccoons rummage through outside dining areas on campus all summer. It's a mess. I believe that every living thing is suffering this year, through the drought with us, and showing it with unusual behavior.

Sprite said...


The color of the mushroom is really Octoberish! Great motif!

Glad you caught the little bandit, it will be safer somewhere else that your busy street.

L~ sprite

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Starting a cottage business will be fun and exciting! You will do great.
The Raccoons are very cute but are not safe here in my backyard. Relocation is the best for them.
It looks as if the temperatures are going to drop some and Autumn will be here to stay for awhile!

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
The loss of habitat for all the creatures is so sad. I live on a rather busy street and so often we see animals that have been hit laying on the street or on the side of the road. Last week it was a fawn. Often I see Raccoons and Opossums. We relocate to an area that is right environment, streams and woods.
I so love the Toadstools! I know the Fairies are about as they show themselves sometimes and will leave me little gifts. I am sending wellness your way.
Fairy songs and moonbeams,

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Your drought has been and IS so very difficult for all the critters. I am not sure why raccoons have showed up in my backyard. No new contruction close by. I have always had bird feeders so I do not know...
Relocation is the best we can do for these guys.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Putting my mushroom things to October is great. I am slowly going through all the drawers and closets and slowly letting go of things. Somethings can go outside to decorate the gardens.
I love the color of the mushrooms and toadstools.
Raccoon will be happy with the rest of his family. We took him up last evening and he was very happy to be released. The area is about 15 miles from our house. A much safer place for them.
A light rain shower has begun.
I love rainy days. Cooler temps are coming and soon we will have the crisp mornings and lovely evenings. I will be able to spend more time outside in the Autumn air.
I am smeling the rain...

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I am glad he relocates them. I love the way they look. Do you hunt for mushrooms in the spring? I love them xo Nita

David said...

I'm glad you take the raccoons to a safer place! They are fortunate to have such caring human neighbors aas yourself.

Sheila said...

I am finally catching up with my favorite people..!
The raccoon looks quite bewildered, but they are smart little things.
When I worked I started quite early and city streets were deserted.One morning at about 4.30 am I had to stop while a mother raccoon stood in the middle of the street and watched as he babies passed from one side to the other. Only then did she follow them down to the creek in the park..!They are a big problem in some areas of Toronto where the garbage can lids have to be tied on to keep them out!

Deb said...

Hello Q
We have visiting racoons in our garden as well :-} Your husband is very kind to relocate them to a safer spot.
You have found some interesting mushrooms & toadstools to photograph - the shapes and textures are amazing arent they.

Q said...

Dear Nita,
The only way we have ever done trapping is the live animal traps and relocation. It is not fair to the animals to have to be killed! In the last few years we have had more critters than ever before. I don't think there is more development as this area has been developed for at least 30 years. I do not know what is happening.
I have never hunted mushrooms. I have always been too shy about it. What if I made a mistake and we ate poisonous ones??
We do eat mushrooms. I too love them. Lots of good protein!

Q said...

Hi David,
The raccoons do cause lots of damage. The Groundhogs just eat the veggie garden down to nothing!
Relocation is the only way.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
My mother-in-law told me about five raccoons that were figuring out how to get into her house!
She hired someone to trap them.
Hopefully they released them in a safe place.
I am thinking climate change is effecting their food supply.
They are cute and smart. Watching mom with her babies must have been awesome! I wouldn't mind the raccoons being here but the busy street is too dangerous for them.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Do the raccoons cause damage for you?
I do like mushrooms and toadstools in the October gardens. When we were in the temperate rain forest I saw all sorts of different mushrooms. I did get a mushroom field guide too. They are very interesting and beautiful.

orneryswife said...

I posted some fungus photos this week too!

Q said...

Dear TM,
It is the season for fungi! I keep looking on my trees to see if any have spouted. In the temperate rain forest fungi grow on the sides of the trees. They are beautiful!
I walked in the woods today looking at the wildflowers. I looked for mushrooms and toadstools but did not see any.