Monday, October 01, 2007


October is known as
the Season of the Ancients.

It is the season of reflection.

I gaze about my yard.
I am remembering.

It is October.
I am decorating.

I am co-creating with Nature.

I am celebrating.
I am connected.
~Happy October~


Deb said...

Your gazing ball is lovely - what a beautiful spot to sit and reflect.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I had read that gazing balls once were known as "Witch's balls". They were used so that one could look out the window and see who was approaching. The ball I have is a small version that sits by the front walk in October.
The orange ball is a large tree ornament I bought last year when I began using the "witch's ball" as a new October motif!
So far I have not come up with my new motif for 2007. I am almost finished decorating the house so maybe I will think of a fun new item to add in.
I am reflecting on this past growing season. It was a diificult spring for me and I think letting the gardens go wild was a good idea. Doing butterfly gardening is very enjoyable.

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry~

You know I love those witches gazing balls. I have a few too. They are beautiful. I have some that are colorful glass and hang in my living room. I adore things that go sparkle in the night. hehe.

Beautiful photos.

I see you...


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I see you too!!!
October is so much fun.
There is magic about....

Mary said...

I think you are contagious. Now I'm wanting to see oranges, reds, and blacks.

You are mesmerizing me with this post.


smilnsigh said...

October is known as the Season of the Ancients, and of reflecting. What lovely thoughts.

And what lovely photos to go along with these thoughts. Mmmmm.....


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I do like the details of life!
I get ideas and try to find ways to photograph them!
I would love to get a macro lens.
Since I had to replace my camera I am waiting to get the macro. My husband thinks I am doing fine without it.
With a macro I could photograph more "ideas" not just what I see.
I love the idea of photographing ideas! I can almost "see" them floating about in the air.
I am a romatic....practical romantic.

Q said...

Dear Mary,

"Lean forward...
Gaze into my ball...
Look deeply into the past...
Close your eyes ...

It is October!
My hat is rather pointy and I am stirring up all sorts of magic.