Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day

My husband and I gave
"The Log of Christopher Columbus"
to my father in October of 1988.
My father wrote the date in the front of his book.
I am glad he did. I am reading this log today.

It has always seemed strange to me
to celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus.
I think there must be many who do not.
The date has changed too.
Now it is the second Monday in October.
A more convenient day for shopping and a bank holiday.

In 2001, my husband and I took a road trip. We were viewing fall foliage.
We drove the Great River Road, beginning outside of St. Louis, Missouri, and on up into Wisconsin. The road is adjacent to the Mississippi River. A lovely trip.
Our return route home took us through a small town, Dickeyville, Wisconsin.

Here we saw Holy Ghost Park. An amazing church yard that was filled with grottoes. One shrine was to Christopher Columbus.
The photo album of this trip is on my coffee table in October.

I have small metal sculptures of Columbus's fleet, the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria.
A friend gave them to me years ago. We once went shopping together on Wednesdays.
There came a time when it was no longer convenient to do so.

I think of her when I set out the little ships.

It rained all morning.
A pleasant gentle shower.
The wild violets are blooming again.
Early Autumn is like late Spring.

The rains stopped around noon.
I laid my book down and took off my shoes.
I wanted to walk in the wet grass.


Mary said...

Nice reflection on Columbus Day, Sherry.

You are walking in wet grass after a rain? Sounds very cool and wonderful! Hey, I can sprinkle a spot of grass with a drinking glass and try it.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Columbus Day always throws me off.
History is so interesting. It all depends on point of view. I do not ignore Columbus Day, the banks are closed and no mail delivery.
LOL! I think you best check the restrictions! Purposely putting water on grass may be a taboo!
So glad you are able to maintain your sense of humor while you are having the endless dry summer.
Each rain shower I get I think, "Mary needs rain way more than I do." Not guilt mind you, just aware of your drought! Yikes!
"Please to have rain for Mary!"

Sprite said...


Thank you for sharing your travels Sherry, and the links to look at the Grotto photos and map of Great River Road.

I hold your heart dear, and hear you that you are melancholy about your friend. Autumn about brings such change doesn't it? It reminds us that change is inevitable. Those feelings are bound to come up now and again.

I feel changes too about family and friends. I know it isn't easy. For me, it helps to know that I have friends who love me dearly. Perhaps you can feel me wrap my arms around you and give you a very gentle and loving hug. I'm soft. hehe.

Walking in wet grass? I bet that felt good!



Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Autumn does bring up the remembering of past friends and family we no longer see. As I grow older I am more aware of the passing of loved ones. Perhaps it is the ending of the growing season that bubbles the memories up.
You are soft and sweet and so loveing! I feel your love! Thank you.
My daughter and I have talked about the friends of convenience and of situations. Once in awhile these relationships do become lifetime friends. You and I are many lifetimes friends! Spirit sisters, you and I!