Sunday, October 14, 2007

Squaw Creek

A hundred miles north of my house is
Squaw Creek Wildlife Reserve.
We went to see the
White Pelicans.
They are migrating now.
It was raining this morning.
The Pelicans were active.
Hundreds of Pelicans
were feeding and resting.
We watched lots of other birds too.
I am working on identifying them.
Birds I had not seen before.

We will go back in two weeks.
I want to see the Swans and the Eagles.
I want to see what other birds will come through
on their way to their winter homes.


Mary C said...

White Pelicans - aren't they magnificent flying birds? So are the eagles - would they be both golden and bald you will see?

Q said...

Hi Mary C,
The White Pelicans are huge birds!
They will go south after they rest up some here. Our window for seeing them is Spring and Fall, migration!
The Bald Eagles nest at this reserve. Watching them build their nests is very fun. I have watched the eagles feed their young too.
I have seen Golden Eagles too but not in as many numbers as the Bald Eagles.

Sprite said...


What a nice visit to the Wildlife Reserve, thank you for sharing photos.

I enjoy seeing the White Pelican. You know for a moment I thought they were the same as storks, then I realized they are different birds.

It will be wonderful for you to see the Swans and Eagles migrating too.

L~ sprite

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
We had a nice time hiking and watching the birds. I would love to see storks! I look at their pictures in my field guides.
There are other reserves in our area I would like to visit this Autumn. Instead of going on a Fall Leaf Peeking tour I would like to look long and slowly at a few trees and lots of birds!